Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Sing Along at School

At the kids' school tonight, they had a Christmas Sing Along.  It was really well done and so cute to watch!  Here are kindergarten/pre-k and first grade class songs.  Can you tell I'm an obnoxious mom that moved up close to get a good movie?  Totally worth the embarrassment of my husband to get these videos :0)
Away in a Manger

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Hark the Herald, Angels Sing!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

'Tis the Season to be Jolly!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa Shop

Yesterday, Jack got to visit the Santa Shop at school for the first time.  To say that he was a little boy in heaven is an understatement.  As soon as I picked him up for school, he was ready to hand me his gift!  He could hardly wait!

Needless to say, we all know have opened our Santa Shop presents :0)  You could tell that he was very thoughtful with each selection.  For Madie, a cute purring kitten in a blanket.  For dad, a football keychain that said Pro-Dad! For grandma, a keychain that opens like a locket to put a picture in it that says You're the Best! For me, a super fancy ring--which he got down on one knee and proposed to me with.  It was absolutely precious.

Last night, when I checked in on him before I went to bed, this is what I saw:

Grandpa's present clutched in his little hand

He was clutching onto grandpa's present and the present for his cousin had just fallen out of the other hand.  It was just too sweet not to take a picture of!

This morning, he's already re-wrapped dad's and my presents so we can open them again at Christmas!

I want him to stay little forever!  I love these moments :0)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shadow Box Snow People

I love these! I just was looking for something cute winter-ish to make and came across this tutorial:

I added some details and used different materials, but basically the same idea!

I've already made three of them.  I think I had way more fun decorating each snow person to look like the person I was representing, but that's the fun part!  I'll share the photo of the one I made of my family.  The others are gifts so I don't want to ruin the surprise!

From left to right: Madie, Me, Drew & Jack

Sorry for the crummy pictures... this a little better close up shot.  Can you tell I liked making hats/headbands/earmuffs!

Lots of fun!!!  The kids even made their own finger puppets using this idea.  I love mine :0)

My latest shadowbox...I'm LOVING decorating these little guys.
I even sewed the two red hats to add details and to make it gather.

Friday, November 26, 2010

No More Tonsils for My Kids

Since this summer, Madie has had 6 cases of strep throat--4 of which have been since school started.  Every time her medicine stops...she gets it again.  So, the last time she had it, the doctor referred us to an ENT and suggested we get her tonsils out since medication didn't seem to be working.

When Jack was 2 and a half, he had his tonsils and adenoids removed--not for constant infections, more for space--his were huge, he needed to get the picture.  He has other issues, but that about sums it up.

So, I knew how difficult the two weeks after the surgery would be.  It was going to be rough.  I thought it would be better than with a two year old...but, not so much.

Jack cried and only wanted to watch Little Bear.  It was really difficult, mostly because he didn't communicate as much so I didn't really know how to help him.  He refused popsicles and only ate a cupcake and some M&Ms during his two weeks.  Not so much fun.

Madie had her tonsils removed this past Monday and it has been rough.  It was supposed to be a 20 minute surgery with about a 2 hour recovery and then she could go home.  Unfortunately, she got pretty sick and kept vomiting all day long.  We didn't get out until 3:30 (not at all the 11:00 I was planning).  Mon-Tues-Wed &Thurs...the vomiting continued.  She ate nothing.  Refuses to take her medicine and every time she eats a popsicle...out it comes.  It has been pretty horrible.

Today (Friday) she woke up, wanted some popsicles...ate about 4 the first hour and has been able to keep it all down--all day long!  She still won't have anything not ice related and refuses to take her medicine, but now the vomiting has stopped.  She's coloring, she wanted to go to grandma's and get out of the house...progress.

She still hasn't talked either since her surgery...lots of charades and writing in a notepad.

Not really looking forward to day 8--that is forecasted as the worst day due to when the scabs start falling off (I know...pretty gross!)  But, for now, the progress is encouraging.

Feel better Madie Sunshine!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Making Crayons

So, we have been super crafty over here and I haven't taken one picture.  Until last night when I finally remembered to take a few pictures of Jack's recent obsession--recycling crayons.  He came home from school on Monday telling me all about how his teacher brought in these crayons that she had melted and made into new circled crayons.  He wanted to do it immediately.  Unfortunately for him, we had zero time. I held him off a couple of days and by Wednesday he had scavenged around and found enough crayons to peel and break into little pieces to make six "new" crayons.  I have him use a mini muffin pan and papers to put the crayons pieces in to melt.  I figured it would be way easier than trying to melt in a pot or pick out of a pan.

Jack sat like this for the entire 15 minutes watching them melt and take form.  It was awesome!

On Thursday, he proudly took the six homemade crayons in a plastic baggie to school.

On Thursday after school he explained the drama of him losing the crayons and how he and Madie searched all over for the crayons but they couldn't find them (because he had to take them out of his bag in the car).  He was hoping that they were in dad's car.

On Thursday night, one sad little boy searched his dad's car to be very disappointed when the crayons were still missing.  So, Jack (with Madie's help) searched for more old crayons (we have a million around this house, I swear!) and spent most of the evening picking off the papers and putting them in the muffin pan.  Jack wanted to make one for each of his classmates.  He's quite generous like that :0)

I had to finish them up at bedtime, but by morning all of the crayons were ready to take to school.  This time we put them in a container to take so he wouldn't lose the baggie.

Today, he classmates each took one home.  Jack was quite proud of himself.  He said that everyone got one--except for Kylee,  she got two (he gave her his, too)!  Such a sweetie!

How to make--peel paper off of the crayons, place in cupcake liners/pan.  I baked them at 250ยบ for about 15 minutes and then left them out to cool and harden.  Worked pretty well.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010!  This year, Jack decided to wear the pirate costume that my mom made for my brother practically 30 years ago!  It's still in great shape!  Doesn't he look adorable?  Arrrrgh!

Madie is going as a the hot pink dress and black boot-legs!
Tonight was Trunk-or-Treat at our church/school.  The kids had a great time.  It almost didn't happen--it was POURING down rain only minutes before the event started.

We decided to go anyways, and the kids were glad for the opportunity to get candy!!!  Some of the cars were really decorated for the occasion.  What a great time!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My kids make me smile :0)

I am one very lucky mom.  I have two wonderful children that melt my heart and make me laugh all in the same breath.  Here are a couple of stories that I didn't want to forget...

Last week at school, they had their first fire drill.  Jack came home and was excited to tell me all about it.  He told me that he immediately got on the ground and started to crawl out the door, but he was told to get up and walk out the door.  He said, "don't they know that the cleanest air is near the bottom!"  I'm glad he listened last year when the fireman came and talked at his preschool.  I would have loved to have been there, though and seen him--it had to be so cute/hilarious/clever all at the same time!

In the car yesterday, Madie told us that sometimes when they get to church early at school, she likes to fold her hands and pray.  She said she prays for all of her friends and sometimes even for Jack.  I, being a smart alec said, "so that he isn't such a pain sometimes?"  She said, no, so that he is looked after with all of his allergies and being sick a lot.  She is so sweet, compassionate and thoughtful.  God, I love her!  I really hope I don't ruin her!

Two of my favorites :0)

This is an old pic, but I've always loved it!

Monday, October 11, 2010


I've been totally pathetic about this.  I need to get organized and get back to sharing...beginning of the school year has been so busy!  The kids both are busy with school and sports and I'm busy with life.  When I have a moment, I feel like I should be doing something--like cleaning.

Cleaning is truly my nemesis.  I think that if I didn't have to worry about cleaning, my life would be pretty close to perfect.  Hmmmm...  that and a new kitchen.  I hate my kitchen.

I'm currently practically voiceless.  I'm not used to not being able to talk.  Jack finds this great.  After about 10 minutes of listening to my hardly a whisper voice, he stuck out his tongue and called me a name.  After getting a quick tap to the tush--he cracked up and said, "she can't yell, but she can still spank!"  Only him would think about trying out that theory!

The kids are finished with cross country for the season.  We have our banquet next week, but otherwise done!  It's amazing how free I feel.  Going from three nights a week practice and all morning Saturday meets to nothing.  Wow--freedom!  Maybe my house will get cleaned...I'm not promising anything though.

My new favorite website find for my students (and for me)  --seriously, it's so much fun.
This and  --hours of creating :0)

I guess that's good for now...I'll try to get better, I promise.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple Pickin' Season

We love to go Apple Picking this time of the year!  This past Friday, the Daisy Scouts had our first field trip to Erie Orchards to go apple picking, see our cider was made, feed some animals and then eat a donut and drink some cider.  It was a great fall day!

Not very many of my pictures turned out very well...these two weren't very cooperative!

We had a really good time, even if the best pictures I got were of the many apples above!

except this this one.  He ate that entire apple--even the core!

Gotta Love Apple Season!!!  Delish!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cross Country

Both kids are involved in Cross Country through the school this year.  It has really made life a lot less stressful having them both in the same sport.  I felt bad because I knew Jack really wanted to play soccer.  Last year was too hard with both sports having their meets/games at the same time.  So, I encouraged Cross Country.

The program is such a wonderful program for kids.  It really teaches them the spirit of being part of a team. I love it.  The kids do such a great job cheering each other on for every race.  The older kids work with the younger kids. It is just a fantastic program.

This past week we had a "mini-meet" on Thursday and our first big meet on Saturday.  Jack had been sick, so I wasn't sure about the mini meet, but he went out and ran like a trooper.  Madie also did a great job--she's getting the hang out of running super fast at the end and passing some kids along the way.

Lots of fun for all!

Kids doing jumping jacks...Hilarious!

Each kid received a ribbon.  I asked Jack to take a 'nice" picture with his...this is what I got!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School! part two

No pics, I've been so so busy just trying to survive these first two weeks of school, I haven't taken one picture!  I know, very unlike me.

Jack is finally looking like he's feeling better.  He made it through his first week of kindergarten.  If it wasn't for really wanting to help me ice a cake, I'm pretty sure I would still know nothing of what he did in school.  So far, I have heard about lunch and recess.  That's it.  Hmmm...what exactly am I paying for?  :0)

On Wednesday, his fourth day of going to school, I decided to let him know that it would be OK to throw away his trash at school at lunchtime.  He had been bringing home every juice carton, apple core, and piece of crust home.  I thought he wanted to show me that he had finished his food...nope.  He quietly let me know that he didn't know where the garbage was.  My heart broke a bit.  My baby needed me to help him at lunch and I wasn't able to be there--boo!  Madie let him know that the ladies are nice and are there to help and they would show him where to put his garbage.  Yesterday, still didn't find the garbage.

Today, he was excited.  I had told him that he was buying--pizza day.  He forgot.  When I asked him about his day today, he said he got to get his lunch and didn't have to give them any money!  He was amazed!   (I pre-pay--to him it is free)

Then, on the way home, his excitement continued as he opened his lunchbox and handed me and Madie each our own SPORKS!  He thought these were really cool and said that he asked around his table to score some extras to bring home.  He didn't have enough, so daddy has to wait until next week.  He does want us all to have our own.  I wanted to crack up, but he was so sweet and sincere, I didn't want to break his heart.  I love my spork.  I will definitely keep it forever!

Madie is doing really well in school.  She is enjoying her teacher and seems to really like going.  I'm not really excited about all of the new homework this year. Mainly because it is like pulling teeth every evening to get Madie to even do a little bit of it at a time.  As a teacher, I'm glad I teach a class with no homework.  If what I assigned for homework caused this much stress at home for even one person--I'd seriously feel bad.  I know it is good practice and she needs it, but my life would be way less stressful without it!

Yesterday was the longest day in the world.  I had an early morning tech meeting and then had Open House until 8:30.  I didn't get to see the kids except for a couple hours in between for dinner.  At the dinner table, I look over at Madie and notice that she just looks fancier than normal.  The girl had applied (really well might I add) mascara to her eyelashes.  Leave it to Madie to get away with wearing mascara all day.  Ahhhh...  is it June yet?

I love sporks :0)

This was taken at the end of the school year last year at Madie's graduation mass.  

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to School!

It's Back to School Time!!  This is kind of a bittersweet time for me.  I have had such a wonderful summer with my munchkins, that it was really hard to go back to school leaving them everyday.  But, it also is nice to have a little "break" from 24/7 kid time.  It's amazing that I can go to work to get a break!  Ha!  It's a working break, but it can be a silent break (close the door and I can actually think--haven't done that in 3 months!)

This is from Day Two...I just like her uniform & hairdo better!
Madie started first grade this year.  She was definitely excited to see her friends.  She was too excited about the rest of it, but you could tell that she was looking forward to this new adventure.  She started a full two days ahead of Jack due to the kindergartners staggered start, and I think she liked that little bit of independence from everyone.  Since she started the same day I started, I couldn't take her to school.  You have no idea how guilty I feel!  She said it was OK, but I do feel like I let her down a bit.  Ah...the never ending feeling of a working mom.  Thank goodness I at least have June, July and August to make it up!

This is her First Day of First Grade!!!
Jack's first day of Kindergarten went pretty smoothly, except for the fact that he woke up sounding like a seal.  The poor kid and his allergies!  He did this last May too.  I decided to send him to school.  It was his first day of school!  I couldn't imagine him missing it!  Usually, the cough is better by mid-morning anyways.  I emailed his teacher and warned her of his allergies and told her not to hesitate if he isn't feeling well to call.  Grandma was on call all day just in case!
First Day of Kindergarten!!!

Since I was emailing anyways, I thought I'd ask his teacher if Jack could be call either by his full name or just Jack.  When naming him, I never thought about how bad it would sound in preschool when he was called by his first name, last initial.  We found out that the little ones don't realize it...but their parents do... "Jack S"  is not all that appropriate!  Luckily, he's the only Jack in his class this year and his teacher was on board with not starting the last initial fiasco again :0)

I love that Jack loves school.  Even though he felt a little punk...he was still excited to journey into the many years of education before him!  He was really looking forward to it.  

Second day of school for Jack...has yet to happen.  The night after his first day, he came home and laid on the couch.  By 6 pm he had a temperature.  He was up all night (and so were we) and his cough got worse.  Poor little buddy!  Thank goodness for grandmas!!  He spent all of Friday watching movies and going to the doctors.  
Putting his bag away and taking out his lunchbox.  Such a big boy!!

Now that it's the weekend...he still sounds terrible!  I think he felt a little better because he was wild this morning.  His meds usually do that to him...lucky me.  By nighttime though, still not feeling well and sounding worse!  I hope he is better by Monday.  I'd hate for him to miss out on all the beginning of school bonding time!  Get better soon, Bubba!!!
Ready to Learn!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Madie's Flip Flop Friend Birthday Party!!

My little girl is turning 7 years old!  It is unbelievable how quickly time flies...I sure wish it would slow down!  Since Madie's birthday is in September, I usually try to throw her "kid" party before school starts.  She's lucky to have a summer party, and even luckier to sometimes get to have it at the lake!
I thought I'd just blog the highlights of our flip flop birthday extravaganza!  :0)
I tried to decorate the deck a bit, here are the flip flops that I decorated with paint pens for each of the party goers.  I especially liked the lady bug ones.  I also added little tin centerpieces that I made to highlight Madie's birthday party.

More decorations for the deck.  I found flip flop garland and put up the balloon wreath I made in the center of the deck.  We also had blue, white, pink and yellow paper globes hanging up.

This is the Snack Shack!  I think this was a big hit.  I loaded buckets full of snacks.  I didn't want to attract bugs, so I opted for bags of chips, rice krispie treats and fruit snacks.  The framed photo I edited with --it's Madie fishing at the lake and it says "Snag a Snack!"

Another favorite spot of the partiers...the "Cool Down" center.  I decorated spray bottles and loaded them with cold water and placed them in a basket full of ice.  Again, the framed photo is Madie underwater edited with picnik.  By the end of the day, they became fun water "guns" and they worked really well!

The party crew!  (missing a few--wish I would have taken another one after everyone was there!)  Everyone also had a bucket on the break wall with their name on it for them to use on the beach.

I found the craziest pinata--a big shoe, that slightly resembled a flip flop.  I decorated around the tree and the fish with some potted mums and another  little flower tin that I made.

Being at the lake, I had to improvise a bit on the cake.  I had originally planned on doing just rainbow cupcakes.  When I iced the first dozen...the icing melted overnight.  What a pain!  So, I had made a tiny cake from the leftover batter and I decided I should decorate it for the party in case I needed extra.  Not the prettiest cake, but it tasted yummy!

Inside a cupcake... a little rainbow :0)
We even got out the parachute for some extra fun when the beach was getting too hot!

Present Time on the deck.  After Madie opened presents, she handed out the last of the "goodie bag" prizes--a CD with Madie's favorite songs that I decorated with a flip flop.  So far, I've heard that many are enjoying Madie's top picks!  
The Birthday Girl!  Happy Birthday, Princess!  I hope you had a wonderful party :0)

Friday, August 13, 2010

More Crafting :0)

Today, we ran into Madie's friend at Walmart and decided to invite her to come over and play.  This sparked an interest in making a craft.  I had seen these super cute Post-It note holders on Sisters' Stuff and have been wanting to make at least some version of it.  This is what we came up with.  

Hard at work decorating their holders

Love the concentration

Our Final Holders.  Don't you love how Jack's "Playground" sticker is upside down?  Classic Jack.