Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Even Steven

As my kids are getting older, I am finding it harder and harder to try to keep their activities even. Meow has made a ton of friends over the years at school and YMCA classes that has opened up her social calendar to a wider variety of options than J. Don't get me wrong. J has made a lot of friends at school, it just seems to be different. My biggest problem is that I seem to be friends more with moms of Meow's friends so it just makes it easier to make plans. This week has been difficult.

J finished up Safe-T-City today (I'm pretty sure he thought it was boring-
-except the one-eyed dog and getting to ride a bus) but it was still his activity that I had planned for him to do. Meow in the meantime was signed up for a theater class at the Y with two of her friends.
J felt totally slighted.
I feel terrible because I never imagined that he would have felt this way--now I know. Lots of tears this week. I really need to find some friends with 5 year old boys so that J can have some more playdates. I even offered to invite someone over for this afternoon--that wasn't what he wanted. He wants to go to someone else's house. Apparently, he's sick of me. Poor kid. Maybe next week.

I'd post the video of Meow's play that she and her group wrote...but I'm
pretty sure you wouldn't want me to :0) Ah, what we sit through for our kids! She was so cute though and very proud of herself. I'll have to start looking into more
classes like this--she loved it!

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