Sunday, June 27, 2010

Festival Time

The summer is here and so is Festival Season! My kids absolutely LOVE going to parish festivals in the area--mostly because their dad loves it too. Me--I'm terrified to go and watch them get on the death traps they call rides, so I usually opt out of that adventure. This weekend, though, was our own parish's festival and my kids were SUPER excited to go play games, see their friends and ride some rides. Since my husband and I both volunteered at different times, the kids were lucky that their grandma was willing to take them around to play all of the kiddie games and even ride some of the rides with their friends. One ride sounded ridiculous--some gravity spinning thing that the kids aren't even harnessed up for--I was glad that I was busy face painting and didn't have to worry outside of that thing!

Me--I prefer the pace of the kiddie tent to the rides outside. A couple of years ago, we went to a circus put on by the Shriners (great circus--highly recommend it). Anyways, this was the first time that I saw some AWESOME face painting done by some very creative clowns. It cost an arm and a leg, so I decided that I could do it as well as they did and so I searched for ways to learn how. Luckily, a local foundation is set up for classes and such open to the public. Here is where I found Sparkles the Clown. She was great! She set me up with a beginner's kit and showed me some basic brush strokes and Voila! I've become a so-so face painter. Basically, I just enjoy doing it. I'm no where near as good as Sparkles, but I'd say I was good enough to at least fake it. Before going to the festival yesterday, I painted my kids faces. I find boys to be more difficult--or at least not as creative. J always wants some kind of super hero--this time, Batman. Meow always lets me have fun and create my own--she became a fairy, with vines and flowers and of course--GLITTER! Her face was the most requested of the day! Here are pics of their made up faces: (still figuring pictures out--they always post at the top. Hmmm...)

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