Monday, June 28, 2010

Locks of Love

Since my daughter was born, she has had a lot of hair. After her first bath at home only a couple days old, I gave her her first haircut. Unlike anything I had ever seen before--the girl had a rattail that went all the way down her back. I couldn't believe it! I took care of it with one quick snip and the rest is hair history.

This may sound crazy, but I loved that she had long hair and even more--she let me fix it! She was only a few months old sitting in her saucer and I was putting tiny little french braids in her hair. I know--what kind of mom does this to her poor little baby--me. A mom that has a daughter that has more hair than she could handle. Our babysitter one time wondered why Meow always wore her hair pulled back in a little pony, that is until the band broke and all of her crazy hair fell forward in her face for the rest of the day.

A couple of years ago, my friend Jen donated her long, beautiful hair to an organization called Locks of Love. I thought about what a great organization this was and how something so simple could really change someone's life. For the last couple years, I talked to Meow about the possibility of growing her hair long enough for the 10 inches to be cut to donate. After catching a special about LOL on HBO, Meow was hooked! She was excited about the opportunity and couldn't wait.

When the time came that her hair was long enough (about to her fanny) to cut, Meow was ecstatic! She couldn't wait until she could get it cut and show all of her friends. Me, I was a bit melancholy about the whole thing. This was my little girl that I have always known with long hair--it was like she was growing up and this was a rite of passage or something. (which I know it isn't, but humor me).

She finally cut her hair this summer. I have a video that highlights the whole experience. (which is too large of a file to load, but I'll load the section of the big cut!) She looks beautiful. I couldn't be more proud of my little girl for being so unselfish. I am finally over my worries. She's still my little girl--just with A LOT less hair. (Oh yeah, and J got some new spikes he's quite proud of!)

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