Saturday, June 26, 2010

Memories that I Don't Want to forget...

So, part of the reason I've decided to blog about my life is that my kids are growing up WAY too fast and I don't want to forget everything. Every once in awhile, I may have an entry like this one that will just include mini-moments that I want to remember forever. Enjoy!

1. Miss Meow--she got her nickname when she first arrived at our babysitter right before she turned a year old. I was so lucky to have found WONDERFUL women that watch a few kids during the day. I'm pretty sure they are the reason why both of my kiddos are so loving and caring towards little ones. Anyways, M was immediately dubbed Meow after the first day. The moment that I don't ever want to forget...when she was little, if we asked her her name, she'd respond "Meow". I don't know why, but man it was adorable!

2. J--since learning to talk, he has had difficulty with some of his sounds. The most unforgettable sound switch is the T sound for K. No big deal, right? Unless there are kitties in the picture. I have spent many red-faced moments in the presence of J yelling for the "Titties! Where are all the titties?" "Ah, the toot (cute) titties!". Priceless.

3. This one goes along with #2--my husband and I are both allergic to cats. J picked up on this and one day ( when he was about 3) told me, "Daddy no like titties. They make him sneeze!" Come on, HILARIOUS!

4. After I had J, Meow was extremely interested in the whole breastfeeding to do. After awhile, she began breastfeeding every doll in sight. One moment that sticks out the most, my friends Danielle and Justin had a party at their house. Meow spotted a small, plastic Woody (from Toy Story) figure. Immediately, she thought he was this moment, I was so thankful that I had decided to have her wear overalls to the event. She was tugging away trying to feed poor Woody! From then on, she wore a lot of overalls!

ok, enough about "titties"

5. This one is a bit scandalous, but who would have thought that my 4 year old would be into sexting! Peaked your interest, didn't I? One of our great babysitters bought new cell phones for she and her husband. Since she is so cool, she gave her old ones to my two little ones to use as cameras. They LOVED this idea! For the first day, they took pictures of everything...and I mean EVERYTHING! The moment was near dinner time. I was setting the table and peeked out into my living room at just the right time to catch J taking a picture of his butt. I freaked! I couldn't believe that my innocent little boy had done such a thing. (Later, I heard lots of boys will be boys sighs to this story) Being the computer teacher, I know the importance of being safe online and with all technology--just did a lesson informing my students about the dangers/consequences of sexting. After I took J's phone, I decided I needed to be the responsible parent that checks all of the photos on my kid's phones. Never in a million years did I think I'd have to with a 4-year-olds fake phone camera. Luckily, he's not much of a photographer. Everything was blurry...about 50+ photos of nothing. And then, I get to the clearest picture of them all...I can't even post what it was...I'm sure you can guess! I never deleted something so fast! Now, the camera phones are "uncharged" until I'm ready for the responsibility. He's going to keep me on my toes, man!

I think that will be enough for one post...I'm sure I'll think of more for later!
Thanks for reading :0)

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