Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Reunion

Today is the Hoffer Family Reunion. It has been years since our last reunion and I'm really excited that everyone decided to have another one. Above is a picture of my Great-Grandma Hoffer and her five children--Aunt Mary, Aunt Dee, my Grandma Ruthie, Uncle Bob and Aunt Mubby.
This photo has some of the Guinsler clan (not everyone, I bet some were swimming!) with my Great-Grandma.
I had to include this photo of my brothers, cousin, my Aunt Mary and myself--diggin' my rockin' hairdo.

I am looking forward to introducing my kids to my side of the family. My husband has a huge family that is really close and frequently gets together. I love being a part of that. I wish my family was able to get together more, but the mere distance of where we live hinders that. Today, many of my family from Florida will be visiting. It will be so great to see them all again. Some of them were really little the last time I saw them and now they're all in their 20s!

I'll be posting more after the party :0)

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