Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hoffer Family Reunion 2010

My Great-Grandma Lelia and Great-Grandpa Nick Hoffer had 5 children: Mary, Dorothy(Dee), Ruth(my grandma), Bob, and Mubby--pretty sure that's not her name, but I can't think of her real one, maybe Margaret! This past weekend all of the many branches of the Hoffer Clan joined together in Columbus, Ohio for a reunion! It was a great time for everyone.

My Grandma Ruthie and Grandpa Bob have passed since the last reunion (20 years ago!) but a lot of our branch showed up to represent the Guinsler side. It was awesome! Most of my family lives in Florida, so it has truly been years since I have seen some of them. This was the first time they have met my kids--M & J loved all of the attention! Only a few Floridians had to stay home (many due to the sudden burst of babies down there! Yay!!!)

Aren't we a good-lookin' bunch of people!?

from left to right: Uncle Steve, Aunt Jennie, Uncle Danny and my Mom

This is the entire group picture of the Hoffer Clan

We all had a really nice time. I think my kids would enjoy
having a reunion every weekend. Since our family branch was the only side that had great-great grandchildren present, there were a lot of people to give our kids attention. M & J LOVE that! Madie and Nina spent most of the beginning part of the party tracking people down that didn't have name tags and offered to make them one. They thought that this was a blast. Nina asked me if it would be alright if she said, "excuse me sir or madam, would you like a name tag?" So proper! What a little sweetheart.

Jack spent most of the party outside. They had a great playground set up and a huge open area to run around in.
We brought the lacrosse equipment and he and Drew enjoyed throwing the ball around for a bit. Drew was even more excited when some of my family members (Bill M. and Jeff Z.) shared his love for the sport, too. He had a good time tossing the ball with Jeff for awhile.

The highlight of the evening was when Theresa busted out her awesome karaoke equipment. The little kids immediately swarmed her and wanted to try it all out. I almost fell over when Nina introduced the group of she, Madie and Tess as the "Single Ladies" Ha! too funny!! Everyone had a lot of fun either singing or listening. Great-Aunt Mary even got up and sang "Heart of my Heart" which is a melody that she used to sing with all of her nieces (like my mom) and nephews in the car when they were growing up. My mom continued that tradition and used to sing it in the car with us, too. So, it has always been a family favorite. I'm glad I got a video of her singing it again. The last songs of the evening, Jack sang Gitchee Gitchee Goo and Madie sang Leader of the Pack. At this point, I had put away my camera--now, I could kick myself because it was so stinkin' cute! I can't believe Jack got up there all by himself and Madie looked like an old pro up there. To top of the experience, Theresa gave each of the little kids a little plastic trophy. Madie thinks it is her most prized possession. She is SO proud of herself. I love it!

After all of this fun, the best part was getting to reconnect with family. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing group of people related to me!

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