Friday, July 30, 2010

Keeping them busy

I am not a fan of hanging out at home all day. This is probably due to the extreme messiness of my house, but that's a different story! Yesterday, we went bowling. Again, we met up with my friend to have a fun afternoon where the kids could play and the adults could chat (and of course cheer!) We all had a blast! The kids did really well, too. Jack even got a strike and a spare in one game and ended up with an 81 for his second game! Madie got a spare in the second game, too.

I am sure that they can use some help on their bowling form, but I'll leave that to their dad. They had fun whether they hit one or all of the pins! Madie really used the bumpers--it was funny to watch it bounce back and forth down the alley :0)

Jack had some pretty good shots too! He threw that ball down the alley pretty forcefully.

Today, the kids woke up begging to do a craft. I love crafting, so I'm usually pretty easily persuaded to make something. This morning...painting birdhouses. They did a great job. I was really impressed by Madie's patience and details. Jack did well, too until he heard the Smurfs on the TV...then he was done. We will be letting them dry today and then detailing them soon.

Can't wait until they are finished. Jack is pretty sure that we can find some small birds to live in his. Why not? Ha!

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