Monday, July 19, 2010

The Lake part two

We've been at the lake for the last week and again, the kids continue to build such wonderful memories on the beach. They absolutely LOVE spending time with their Uncles Marty and Chuck, Cindy, Grandpa Russ, and whomever else (family and friends) that can come up and visit. The more the merrier!

This week, my brother and his family was able to join us. We love spending time with them. I was so excited when Nina and Tess ventured out into the lake to swim and play with Madie and Jack. They are all so cute together. I tried to get a cute shot of the kids on the board. This was the best I could do. Jack kept sliding off. He thought he was pretty hilarious! Hmmm...
Jack has also developed the love of fishing. I am so grateful for Uncle Chuck when it comes to this. I am completely useless in the fishing department. This week, the kids snuck away with Chuck to go swimming down at the end of the beach at Aunt Karen's. Jack caught a doozie! I couldn't believe it when I saw this picture. So proud of you Bubba! ( I think he was pretty proud of himself, too!)
Another family tradition forming is our weekend breakfast while at the lake. Cornmeal mush, sausage and bacon. (I know--not the healthiest, but they all love it so :p ) Jack has really been wanting to help more and more. This summer, his job has been to get the mush ready to be fried. He loves putting the patties in the flour and then he neatly stacks them on a plate for Daddy to cook. So cute!
This was a first (at least in awhile) that Grandpa Russ went swimming in the lake with the kids. It was great! The kids LOVED getting to play with him in the water. Guess the bathing suit and towel worked as planned--they were a father's day present :0)
Madie also had some excitement this week. Grandma came up to visit one (very HOT) day. Madie was complaining about her extremely loose tooth. We tried everything to get her to let us pull it out. You could tell it was holding on just by a string! I even said that the tooth fairy paid double at the lake. She still wouldn't let us near it. Finally, we talked her into eating some licorice. We thought that it might be sticky and chewy enough to get that tooth out of there. While Madie was trying to take a bite out of it and get it close to her tooth, Grandma thought fast and grabbed the end of the licorice that Madie had just put in her mouth. I wish I was video taping--it was crazy! That tooth went flying right out of her mouth! Not exactly a conventional idea, but hey, it worked! I love the photo below with Meow, Grandma and the licorice :0)
I have some more good photos, so I may post more later. Can't wait until August!


Chuck said...

He was a natural reeling that bad boy in I only wish it was something small that he would actually be able to lift up and get a better picture. Should you have time this weekend tell them to bring their poles down and we can get some more fishing in out back.

Amy said...

Thank you so much for taking him out--truly some of his favorite time spent at the lake! We'll see about bringing the poles, I don't want this to turn into a fishing weekend! :0)