Monday, July 12, 2010

The Lake

Many happy memories have already been made on Lake Erie at the family lakehouse. We are truly blessed that we are able to enjoy a week each month during the summer on the lake. M & J practically live on the beach and in the water for the entire day. I usually try to set up some play dates so that their day on the beach is even more fun! The pictures on this page are from the week in June that we went. I have a ton more, mostly with their friends. These are some of the highlights:

I know, you're wondering why is there a peacock on the beach? Good question! Someone thinks that a family at the end of the beach let him go a couple of years back. He mainly stays at the end of the beach at our Aunt Karen's place. It was fun to get to see him so up close and personal this time! I feel bad for him though, must get lonely! At one point, someone tried to bring him a female. After a short while though, she flew away and hasn't been seen since!

This is the kids FAVORITE thing at the lake. They are so lucky to have a strong daddy and strong uncles that can do this! I've been searching for one of these boards (if you know of anyone wanting to get rid of one, let me know!) we always have to borrow this one while we are there.
Gotta love the lake!!!

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