Friday, July 2, 2010


This summer, one of my kid-less friends is watching two kids. Lucky for us, they are perfect friends for M & J. We've been trying to get together at least once a week all summer and the kids have really hit it off! They are so absolutely adorable. The little moments of friendships budding are priceless. My friend and I are always exchanging glances as we catch the kiddos holding hands or are caught in another sweet moment.

Yesterday, we decided to brave it and take the kids to Put-in-Bay. I haven't been there for years and when I did, it was with students. We weren't exactly sure how our day would go, but we thought it was worth a try! Mother Nature really helped us out and gave us a BEAUTIFUL day that we are so very thankful for. I really think that the day turned out to be the best ever--probably because we kept the kids busy, they each had a friend and we didn't really have things that we had to do.

Taking four kids, we wanted to try to keep the cost down, but we still wanted to have a good time. To start, we took the Miller Ferry over to the island. This was WAY cheaper and actually a pretty cool boat ride for kids. It took about 18 minutes to get across the lake. I didn't think it was too bad. When you arrive you do have to walk up a steep incline to get to the street, but the kids ran it and had a great time. We had decided to not bring bikes or rent them, instead get to the main street and see how they are doing. To get downtown, there is a bus that pick you up right by the ferry. This was cheap, too--$2.5o a person, kids 6 and under are free.

The kids thought that the bus driver was great and he was a bit of a crazy driver which made
him even better in their eyes! (especially J's!) The bus runs about every 15 minutes to and from until early evening, so we were set.

Once downtown, the kids were begging for lunch. We could have saved money and packed, but I'm so glad that we decided to visit Frosty's for lunch--Delicious Pizza and Amazing Breadsticks!!! Yummy! We did get water, so we saved on drinks. Before lunch though, the kids HAD to ride the carousel. They thought it was pretty cool. Kids 5 a
nd under must have an adult. I was lucky in the fact that J looks about 8, so I was cleared from ride myself (I don't do very well on rides...even the carousel makes me want to barf!)

After lunch, the kids wanted to check out the playground area. They had the best time playing together. This is when it was really nice for each kid to have a friend.
My friend, was the best swing pusher--the kids thought her tire swing pushes were better than the rides at Cedar Point! In the center of the park, the kids checked out the fountain (which was filled with dead mayflies...ewww!) while Mandie went to rent a 6 person cart. We went to a rental place near the middle of the strip--$16 a hour. They bill you when you get back, so it isn't a rush, you just pay for whatever time you use.

This was the best idea ever! We scoured the island in the cart for great places to stop and explore. The kids loved throwing rocks into the lake whenever they had a chance. We found a couple of great hidden places for sure. Each kid had a turn at shot gun, so no one was e
ver upset about seats. We stopped for ice cream halfway through. It was a nice treat for all. I highly recommend the Philadelphia
Freedom Mint--Delish!
After about an hour and a half of riding, we decided to take back the cart. We walked the s
trip a bit, but the kids wanted one more time at
the park (especially at the tire swing!) My kids were daredevils. They would have let Mandie swing them all day! The other two, had
her push them a little slower by the end of the day.

We took the bus back to the ferry about 6ish. We got there a little early and were able to sit in the front of the ferry--best seats in the house!

Overall, we were so blessed for a beautiful day, wonderful friendships and a fantastic adventure. We may try to do it again in August!


trinity said...

Mandie is a friend-less friend? Looks like ti was a gorgeous day! Good job on the blog so far - I love it.

Mandie said...

Uh, I hope I am a "kid-less" friend and not a "friend-less" friend. That just sounds sad! Hehehe. Thanks again for such an awesome day. I can't wait for August!

Amy said...

Duh, obviously it was supposed to be Kid-less instead! Already fixed!

Can't wait until August! Oh, and thanks for commenting on my blog--you guys are my first! :0)