Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Raising a Daughter

Before I was pregnant with Madie, I was a coach for broomball. Every weekend, my girls on the team would fight hard and get sweaty on the ice and then quickly go back to the locker room to primp and ready themselves for the socialization of HS up in the bleachers. It really was quite the site. During this time, my husband (who went to an all-boy HS and didn't go to many social functions) became extremely worried about the possible prospect of having a daughter. He thought about how much more you'll have to worry about with a girl than a boy...I just laughed.

Now, although I have been dressing my little girl in sweet, cutesy outfits that would attempt to be age-appropriate in what seems to be a nearly impossible age to buy anything age appropriate at the store...I am beginning to feel like a failure!

Not exactly sure how it happened, and I am NOT giving up without a pretty darn good fight, but all my little girl wants to wear is trash. She wants to wear black. She claims to hate pink. She's SIX! She's not supposed to hate pink. What the heck! She also claims to hate princesses.
It was the haircut...since then... (I know, a great cause)

Today kind of topped off her ridiculousness. I've been trying not to overreact too much in front of her, but today, she matched her outfit with some fancy bright blue satin high heels. Not exactly age appropriate!

Seriously, what the heck!

We went to the mall today. While in the Disney store, I told her that she had to like pink and princesses because I want to go to Disney World. I'd hate to have to leave her home. I'm hoping that a little bribery-threatening might work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can scare her back into my sweet little six (almost seven) year old! I'm not ready for high-heels!


Michelle said...

Absolutely love the blog re-vamp.

And M's outfit is going to be one for the photo books!

Amy said...

Thanks! It was definitely memorable!