Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raising Jack

When Jack was younger and I took him to the doctor, he consistently failed his hearing test. Since he has pretty ornery, I thought I should get it checked out to make sure that I wasn't yelling at some poor little deaf child. After many different tests and going to a specialist, our ENT told us that he was fine, he just doesn't listen. Game on!

Other than his hearing, the poor kid had to have his tonsils/adenoids out at age three, has an interesting speech pattern, has bad eye sight and has to wear glasses and get drops for a lazy eye (thank goodness for his amazing eye doctor--if you need one, I'd totally recommend his!) and has horrible allergies that he has to get shots for in both arms. It has been an interesting roller coaster of doctor's appointments with this little guy!

Luckily, through all of this, he is still an amazing boy. Sure, the kid can REALLY drive us crazy, but he is one of the most tender-hearted and loving kids I've met.

Jack loves puzzles. For awhile, I'd wake up and find him in his room putting together a 50 or 100 piece puzzle by himself...after he does one over and over, he flips the pieces and does them upside down--seriously, where did I get this kid?

Jack LOVES sports. He begs to go out and play basketball; can't wait til daddy is home to toss a lacrosse ball back and forth; loves bike riding and has recently taken to just running. He says he's training for Cross Country. I hope this love continues with is SO good for him!

Above all else, I'm pretty sure that he was put on this earth though to love and torment his sister! They can be awesome friends and then the best of enemies within seconds. His most recent way of driving Madie crazy is in the car. I'm pretty sure he'
s figured out that since we can't go anywhere, this is his best stage to do as many obnoxious things as he can for however long our drive may take.

My kids and I love to sing in the car. I'm so glad for this--I love hearing their sweet voices sing along with the music. It is amazing how many songs they pick up so quickly and can sing word for word (Madie is really good at this--which drives Jack crazy, so...) Jack hasn't really come into his singing voice, yet. Instead, he talk/scream/sings. I'm serious. I've never heard anything like it--and still wish I didn't. It drives Madie MAD! At first I thought he was fooling around, but I'm pretty sure that is just his singing voice. Yikes!
I could go on...but, I'll save it for another day :0)

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