Thursday, July 8, 2010

Water Lovin' Kids!

To say that my kids love the water is an understatement. They would be in a pool or the lake all day long if I'd allow. Not having a pool ourselves, we are so lucky to have a family lakehouse and wonderful friends that invite us to play in their pools.

This is Madie swimming to the bottom of the pool. I'm so proud of how she's becoming a little fish in the water. I think that being around kids that can swim really encouraged her to find her flippers! (Yes, it's sideways, can't seem to get it turned...sorry!)
Jack is really getting more and more confident in the water. He relies mostly on a swim noodle, but he sure isn't afraid to go under or off the diving board! I love that he closed his eyes with his goggles on. Nice to see that they work...ha!
This was just yesterday. Doesn't he look totally prepared! Goggles--√ Rash Guard--√ Noodle--√ Pool Shoes--√
This is a favorite. It looks like he's walking back up on the board instead of jumping off backwards!

Madie is just starting to learn to dive...I'm impressed that she gets back up and tries over and over even though she's done quite a few belly smacks!
Lots of fun in the sun!!!

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