Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to School!

It's Back to School Time!!  This is kind of a bittersweet time for me.  I have had such a wonderful summer with my munchkins, that it was really hard to go back to school leaving them everyday.  But, it also is nice to have a little "break" from 24/7 kid time.  It's amazing that I can go to work to get a break!  Ha!  It's a working break, but it can be a silent break (close the door and I can actually think--haven't done that in 3 months!)

This is from Day Two...I just like her uniform & hairdo better!
Madie started first grade this year.  She was definitely excited to see her friends.  She was too excited about the rest of it, but you could tell that she was looking forward to this new adventure.  She started a full two days ahead of Jack due to the kindergartners staggered start, and I think she liked that little bit of independence from everyone.  Since she started the same day I started, I couldn't take her to school.  You have no idea how guilty I feel!  She said it was OK, but I do feel like I let her down a bit.  Ah...the never ending feeling of a working mom.  Thank goodness I at least have June, July and August to make it up!

This is her First Day of First Grade!!!
Jack's first day of Kindergarten went pretty smoothly, except for the fact that he woke up sounding like a seal.  The poor kid and his allergies!  He did this last May too.  I decided to send him to school.  It was his first day of school!  I couldn't imagine him missing it!  Usually, the cough is better by mid-morning anyways.  I emailed his teacher and warned her of his allergies and told her not to hesitate if he isn't feeling well to call.  Grandma was on call all day just in case!
First Day of Kindergarten!!!

Since I was emailing anyways, I thought I'd ask his teacher if Jack could be call either by his full name or just Jack.  When naming him, I never thought about how bad it would sound in preschool when he was called by his first name, last initial.  We found out that the little ones don't realize it...but their parents do... "Jack S"  is not all that appropriate!  Luckily, he's the only Jack in his class this year and his teacher was on board with not starting the last initial fiasco again :0)

I love that Jack loves school.  Even though he felt a little punk...he was still excited to journey into the many years of education before him!  He was really looking forward to it.  

Second day of school for Jack...has yet to happen.  The night after his first day, he came home and laid on the couch.  By 6 pm he had a temperature.  He was up all night (and so were we) and his cough got worse.  Poor little buddy!  Thank goodness for grandmas!!  He spent all of Friday watching movies and going to the doctors.  
Putting his bag away and taking out his lunchbox.  Such a big boy!!

Now that it's the weekend...he still sounds terrible!  I think he felt a little better because he was wild this morning.  His meds usually do that to him...lucky me.  By nighttime though, still not feeling well and sounding worse!  I hope he is better by Monday.  I'd hate for him to miss out on all the beginning of school bonding time!  Get better soon, Bubba!!!
Ready to Learn!!

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