Sunday, August 8, 2010

Birthday Preparations

Madie is turning seven in just a month. It is CRAZY how fast time flies! Since her birthday is in September (which is one of the busiest months for a teacher mom) we usually try to fit in her "friend" birthday before school starts. Lucky for her, almost all of my friends around her have little girls her age that have been perfect guests for a party! So, not only was it a party for was a get together for moms, too. (Jack hasn't been so lucky...last year was his first friend party. Don't think I don't feel super guilty for that! Oh well...) This year will be the first year that Madie has actually picked the entire guest list of friends that she goes to school with. It should be a lot of fun.

Last year, we started the tradition of having her party at the lake. Lucky girl! We had a lot of fun and can't wait for a return party. We will basically be doing the same party, so I have been trying to think of interesting ways to decorate or organize the party to make it more interesting, fun and crafty! Major props go out to my friend, Michelle, for being a party queen and making me want to have some cool party features as well. I hope I can make it even half as cool as her parties!

Last year, we just went strictly beach theme...sand buckets, ice cream pinata...nothing too crazy.
I'm thinking that I need to step it up a little for this year, since it is a similar party. I have some ideas that I'm excited to do...if you have any suggestions for a "flip-flop" beach party, I'd love to hear them!


Michelle said...

I am far from party queen! What about a decorate your own flipflop activity? You could use ribbons or fabric that they could tie on themselves? We did that with the cheerleaders and it turned out cute.

I know I've seen a similar party somewhere, let me do some digging.

Amy said...

I love the links to the party ideas. I actually have flip flops that I decorated for each kid as a favor. I initially thought I'd have them decorate them too--but thought they may lose interest and want to be in the water...or moms may end up doing all the knots for the little ones.

I took the flip flops and used the paint markers and put their names and a decoration on them. I think they turned out great. Madie helped too!