Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Can't believe it is August!

Where does the summer go? Cross Country already started and that just means that school will be starting again soon! Hard to believe!! Last year, Madie started running Cross Country for school. I never knew that it started to young, but it was a really great experience for her and she got to meet some friends that she'd be in class with. For kindergarten, that was awesome! I also think that running is a great sport. It is something that they can both do for the rest of their lives!

This season, it will be so nice to have Jack involved as well. Last year, he had soccer games at the same time as CC meets. It was a nightmare trying to get to see everyone play! This will be so wonderful to go to one event and see both kids. Already at practices, it is really great to have both involved.

I love this photo of Madie last year at a meet with her two friends. I also LOVE their CC motto: Follow My Lead.
So far, I haven't seen many kindergarten boys yet to get to be friends with Jack yet...there's time. I'll be scoping out the parents soon!

Madie's favorite part of the meet is getting to spray her hair green. She even had green hair at the morning meet before being a flower girl last year at her godmother's wedding! That was a busy day!
Follow My Lead!

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