Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family and Fishing

My kids are beginning to love fishing. They aren't real sure about taking the fish off the hook yet, but they enjoy the rest of the experience. Drew's uncle has a pond in his backyard stocked full of blue-gill and other kinds of fish that apparently practically jump onto the hook each time it's cast! We were invited out for fishing and dinner this past Sunday and the entire evening was a wonderful time. The kids were able to fish, play with Mandy the dog, go on a little boat, ride on a golf cart and succeed in driving their dad crazy. All in all it was a fun time!
This was the view from their back porch. I could get used to that!
Each time the kids caught a fish, Uncle Marty wanted them to kiss it! Here is Madie catching one, but she was already pulling away--ready to run after Marty de-hooked the fish. This went on the entire evening. She eventually let him let the fish kiss her cheek :0)
Jack, on the other hand, didn't want to kiss a fish--but offered to kiss the worm! What is with this kid? He cracks me up and drives me crazy all in the same breath! He had so much fun that night. They have a little Maltese name, Mandy. Needless to say, she didn't walk much while we were there. Jack kept carrying her anytime he could get his hands on her. Every time she'd be down, I tried to encourage her to RUN! get away while you can! She didn't listen. It's crazy how a dog can be so loving and trusting around a 5-year-old like Jack.
Peaceful little fishermen :0) It's amazing how fishing can calm the crazy beasts when needed!
I love this shot--mainly because I'm pretty far away and am totally zoomed it--but Jack still knew that I'd want to see a smile :0)

I Love my Kids!

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