Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Guinea Pigs

Today was an emotional day. We found a new home for our lovable little guinea pigs. I am so happy to have found a home that will love, spoil and not separate our buddies, but it was definitely hard to part with them. Madie took it the hardest. She cried all morning. I will say, though, she did amazing at the hand off. She held onto them and showed their new little girl how they liked to be held and talked to. It was me that was the baby--I bawled through most of it. It is definitely for the best--no worries about allergies and no worries about all of the work involved. I hope that the family will love them and spoil them as much as they deserve!

Sweetheart (above)--the momma
Snowball (above)--the baby
Rockstar (above)--the daddy

Hugs and Kisses little Buddies! We will miss you!!!

**Crazy "Baker Moment" during the hand off: Snowball jumped out of the box that we were transferring him in and crawled under the van in the parking lot of Wendy's at the outlets in Monroe. It took FOREVER to get him out of there. We had quite the crowd forming to watch us all calling for "Snowball" under the van and to watch my butt in the air while I tracked him under the car. Luckily for us, their new little girl is a tiny 6-year old and was able to crawl under the van and catch him. So lucky he didn't get hurt! I was worried about his poor little paws on that hot pavement. Such a fiasco!

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