Sunday, August 22, 2010

Madie's Flip Flop Friend Birthday Party!!

My little girl is turning 7 years old!  It is unbelievable how quickly time flies...I sure wish it would slow down!  Since Madie's birthday is in September, I usually try to throw her "kid" party before school starts.  She's lucky to have a summer party, and even luckier to sometimes get to have it at the lake!
I thought I'd just blog the highlights of our flip flop birthday extravaganza!  :0)
I tried to decorate the deck a bit, here are the flip flops that I decorated with paint pens for each of the party goers.  I especially liked the lady bug ones.  I also added little tin centerpieces that I made to highlight Madie's birthday party.

More decorations for the deck.  I found flip flop garland and put up the balloon wreath I made in the center of the deck.  We also had blue, white, pink and yellow paper globes hanging up.

This is the Snack Shack!  I think this was a big hit.  I loaded buckets full of snacks.  I didn't want to attract bugs, so I opted for bags of chips, rice krispie treats and fruit snacks.  The framed photo I edited with --it's Madie fishing at the lake and it says "Snag a Snack!"

Another favorite spot of the partiers...the "Cool Down" center.  I decorated spray bottles and loaded them with cold water and placed them in a basket full of ice.  Again, the framed photo is Madie underwater edited with picnik.  By the end of the day, they became fun water "guns" and they worked really well!

The party crew!  (missing a few--wish I would have taken another one after everyone was there!)  Everyone also had a bucket on the break wall with their name on it for them to use on the beach.

I found the craziest pinata--a big shoe, that slightly resembled a flip flop.  I decorated around the tree and the fish with some potted mums and another  little flower tin that I made.

Being at the lake, I had to improvise a bit on the cake.  I had originally planned on doing just rainbow cupcakes.  When I iced the first dozen...the icing melted overnight.  What a pain!  So, I had made a tiny cake from the leftover batter and I decided I should decorate it for the party in case I needed extra.  Not the prettiest cake, but it tasted yummy!

Inside a cupcake... a little rainbow :0)
We even got out the parachute for some extra fun when the beach was getting too hot!

Present Time on the deck.  After Madie opened presents, she handed out the last of the "goodie bag" prizes--a CD with Madie's favorite songs that I decorated with a flip flop.  So far, I've heard that many are enjoying Madie's top picks!  
The Birthday Girl!  Happy Birthday, Princess!  I hope you had a wonderful party :0)


Michelle said...

You did a great job Amy! And M looks so happy!

Amy said...

Thanks! We had a really good time!

Amy said...

Looks like so much fun, you did a great job! Happy Birthday to Madie!

Amy said...

Thanks! All of the work is definitely worth it :0)