Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple Pickin' Season

We love to go Apple Picking this time of the year!  This past Friday, the Daisy Scouts had our first field trip to Erie Orchards to go apple picking, see our cider was made, feed some animals and then eat a donut and drink some cider.  It was a great fall day!

Not very many of my pictures turned out very well...these two weren't very cooperative!

We had a really good time, even if the best pictures I got were of the many apples above!

except this this one.  He ate that entire apple--even the core!

Gotta Love Apple Season!!!  Delish!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cross Country

Both kids are involved in Cross Country through the school this year.  It has really made life a lot less stressful having them both in the same sport.  I felt bad because I knew Jack really wanted to play soccer.  Last year was too hard with both sports having their meets/games at the same time.  So, I encouraged Cross Country.

The program is such a wonderful program for kids.  It really teaches them the spirit of being part of a team. I love it.  The kids do such a great job cheering each other on for every race.  The older kids work with the younger kids. It is just a fantastic program.

This past week we had a "mini-meet" on Thursday and our first big meet on Saturday.  Jack had been sick, so I wasn't sure about the mini meet, but he went out and ran like a trooper.  Madie also did a great job--she's getting the hang out of running super fast at the end and passing some kids along the way.

Lots of fun for all!

Kids doing jumping jacks...Hilarious!

Each kid received a ribbon.  I asked Jack to take a 'nice" picture with his...this is what I got!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School! part two

No pics, I've been so so busy just trying to survive these first two weeks of school, I haven't taken one picture!  I know, very unlike me.

Jack is finally looking like he's feeling better.  He made it through his first week of kindergarten.  If it wasn't for really wanting to help me ice a cake, I'm pretty sure I would still know nothing of what he did in school.  So far, I have heard about lunch and recess.  That's it.  Hmmm...what exactly am I paying for?  :0)

On Wednesday, his fourth day of going to school, I decided to let him know that it would be OK to throw away his trash at school at lunchtime.  He had been bringing home every juice carton, apple core, and piece of crust home.  I thought he wanted to show me that he had finished his food...nope.  He quietly let me know that he didn't know where the garbage was.  My heart broke a bit.  My baby needed me to help him at lunch and I wasn't able to be there--boo!  Madie let him know that the ladies are nice and are there to help and they would show him where to put his garbage.  Yesterday, still didn't find the garbage.

Today, he was excited.  I had told him that he was buying--pizza day.  He forgot.  When I asked him about his day today, he said he got to get his lunch and didn't have to give them any money!  He was amazed!   (I pre-pay--to him it is free)

Then, on the way home, his excitement continued as he opened his lunchbox and handed me and Madie each our own SPORKS!  He thought these were really cool and said that he asked around his table to score some extras to bring home.  He didn't have enough, so daddy has to wait until next week.  He does want us all to have our own.  I wanted to crack up, but he was so sweet and sincere, I didn't want to break his heart.  I love my spork.  I will definitely keep it forever!

Madie is doing really well in school.  She is enjoying her teacher and seems to really like going.  I'm not really excited about all of the new homework this year. Mainly because it is like pulling teeth every evening to get Madie to even do a little bit of it at a time.  As a teacher, I'm glad I teach a class with no homework.  If what I assigned for homework caused this much stress at home for even one person--I'd seriously feel bad.  I know it is good practice and she needs it, but my life would be way less stressful without it!

Yesterday was the longest day in the world.  I had an early morning tech meeting and then had Open House until 8:30.  I didn't get to see the kids except for a couple hours in between for dinner.  At the dinner table, I look over at Madie and notice that she just looks fancier than normal.  The girl had applied (really well might I add) mascara to her eyelashes.  Leave it to Madie to get away with wearing mascara all day.  Ahhhh...  is it June yet?

I love sporks :0)

This was taken at the end of the school year last year at Madie's graduation mass.