Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cross Country

Both kids are involved in Cross Country through the school this year.  It has really made life a lot less stressful having them both in the same sport.  I felt bad because I knew Jack really wanted to play soccer.  Last year was too hard with both sports having their meets/games at the same time.  So, I encouraged Cross Country.

The program is such a wonderful program for kids.  It really teaches them the spirit of being part of a team. I love it.  The kids do such a great job cheering each other on for every race.  The older kids work with the younger kids. It is just a fantastic program.

This past week we had a "mini-meet" on Thursday and our first big meet on Saturday.  Jack had been sick, so I wasn't sure about the mini meet, but he went out and ran like a trooper.  Madie also did a great job--she's getting the hang out of running super fast at the end and passing some kids along the way.

Lots of fun for all!

Kids doing jumping jacks...Hilarious!

Each kid received a ribbon.  I asked Jack to take a 'nice" picture with his...this is what I got!

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