Thursday, October 14, 2010

My kids make me smile :0)

I am one very lucky mom.  I have two wonderful children that melt my heart and make me laugh all in the same breath.  Here are a couple of stories that I didn't want to forget...

Last week at school, they had their first fire drill.  Jack came home and was excited to tell me all about it.  He told me that he immediately got on the ground and started to crawl out the door, but he was told to get up and walk out the door.  He said, "don't they know that the cleanest air is near the bottom!"  I'm glad he listened last year when the fireman came and talked at his preschool.  I would have loved to have been there, though and seen him--it had to be so cute/hilarious/clever all at the same time!

In the car yesterday, Madie told us that sometimes when they get to church early at school, she likes to fold her hands and pray.  She said she prays for all of her friends and sometimes even for Jack.  I, being a smart alec said, "so that he isn't such a pain sometimes?"  She said, no, so that he is looked after with all of his allergies and being sick a lot.  She is so sweet, compassionate and thoughtful.  God, I love her!  I really hope I don't ruin her!

Two of my favorites :0)

This is an old pic, but I've always loved it!

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