Friday, November 19, 2010

Making Crayons

So, we have been super crafty over here and I haven't taken one picture.  Until last night when I finally remembered to take a few pictures of Jack's recent obsession--recycling crayons.  He came home from school on Monday telling me all about how his teacher brought in these crayons that she had melted and made into new circled crayons.  He wanted to do it immediately.  Unfortunately for him, we had zero time. I held him off a couple of days and by Wednesday he had scavenged around and found enough crayons to peel and break into little pieces to make six "new" crayons.  I have him use a mini muffin pan and papers to put the crayons pieces in to melt.  I figured it would be way easier than trying to melt in a pot or pick out of a pan.

Jack sat like this for the entire 15 minutes watching them melt and take form.  It was awesome!

On Thursday, he proudly took the six homemade crayons in a plastic baggie to school.

On Thursday after school he explained the drama of him losing the crayons and how he and Madie searched all over for the crayons but they couldn't find them (because he had to take them out of his bag in the car).  He was hoping that they were in dad's car.

On Thursday night, one sad little boy searched his dad's car to be very disappointed when the crayons were still missing.  So, Jack (with Madie's help) searched for more old crayons (we have a million around this house, I swear!) and spent most of the evening picking off the papers and putting them in the muffin pan.  Jack wanted to make one for each of his classmates.  He's quite generous like that :0)

I had to finish them up at bedtime, but by morning all of the crayons were ready to take to school.  This time we put them in a container to take so he wouldn't lose the baggie.

Today, he classmates each took one home.  Jack was quite proud of himself.  He said that everyone got one--except for Kylee,  she got two (he gave her his, too)!  Such a sweetie!

How to make--peel paper off of the crayons, place in cupcake liners/pan.  I baked them at 250º for about 15 minutes and then left them out to cool and harden.  Worked pretty well.

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