Friday, November 26, 2010

No More Tonsils for My Kids

Since this summer, Madie has had 6 cases of strep throat--4 of which have been since school started.  Every time her medicine stops...she gets it again.  So, the last time she had it, the doctor referred us to an ENT and suggested we get her tonsils out since medication didn't seem to be working.

When Jack was 2 and a half, he had his tonsils and adenoids removed--not for constant infections, more for space--his were huge, he needed to get the picture.  He has other issues, but that about sums it up.

So, I knew how difficult the two weeks after the surgery would be.  It was going to be rough.  I thought it would be better than with a two year old...but, not so much.

Jack cried and only wanted to watch Little Bear.  It was really difficult, mostly because he didn't communicate as much so I didn't really know how to help him.  He refused popsicles and only ate a cupcake and some M&Ms during his two weeks.  Not so much fun.

Madie had her tonsils removed this past Monday and it has been rough.  It was supposed to be a 20 minute surgery with about a 2 hour recovery and then she could go home.  Unfortunately, she got pretty sick and kept vomiting all day long.  We didn't get out until 3:30 (not at all the 11:00 I was planning).  Mon-Tues-Wed &Thurs...the vomiting continued.  She ate nothing.  Refuses to take her medicine and every time she eats a popsicle...out it comes.  It has been pretty horrible.

Today (Friday) she woke up, wanted some popsicles...ate about 4 the first hour and has been able to keep it all down--all day long!  She still won't have anything not ice related and refuses to take her medicine, but now the vomiting has stopped.  She's coloring, she wanted to go to grandma's and get out of the house...progress.

She still hasn't talked either since her surgery...lots of charades and writing in a notepad.

Not really looking forward to day 8--that is forecasted as the worst day due to when the scabs start falling off (I know...pretty gross!)  But, for now, the progress is encouraging.

Feel better Madie Sunshine!

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