Friday, January 28, 2011

An evening of freedom...for Jack

This morning, Jack came into my bedroom and asked if it was time for me to wake up because he had been up for awhile playing the Wii and wondered when I was coming down.  I asked with my eyes closed, since it seemed WAY too early to have to wake up, what time it was.  He peeked at my clock and said, "3:30"  I quickly said, "go back to bed!"  I heard him get back in his room and I then passed out again until my alarm went off at 5:30...

I went downstairs for the morning and saw the first evidence of Jack's night of freedom.  His fossil dig kit was all over the table...he found two fossils...

I look out to the living room and sure enough, the Wii was still on pause.

At this point, I chuckled and wondered how long he had been up, but went on with my morning rituals. 

When it was time to wake up the kids, I opened Jack's door and couldn't believe what I saw:  Jack sound asleep--completely dressed for school.

I laughed out loud...HILARIOUS!  The rule is on school mornings, get dressed before going downstairs.  He must have woken up around 2:00 sometime, got dressed and headed downstairs.

After I got Madie up and moving, I headed downstairs to get breakfast ready.  Jack then informs me that he ALREADY ATE!  Ha Ha Ha Ha!  OMG!

So, not only did he get up, get dressed, dig for fossils, play some Wii...he also fixed himself some breakfast.  This kid is crazy!  I guess I now know he can fend for himself (not that I'm ready for that, but just good to know!)


So, needless to say, tonight we have put in place the check in with mommy/daddy rule before heading downstairs.  This kid is exhausted...I hope he sleeps through tonight!  

I should have known it was only time...he was the kid with a bed tent to keep him in his crib (since he liked climbing out of his crib and heading downstairs to help himself to food when he was just two!)

and the gray hairs keep growing...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sleepover Fun!

The kids are now full swing into the fun of sleepovers.  Of course, Jack feels a bit slighted that he hasn't had as many as Madie, but as long as he's occupied he is OK.  Last weekend, Jack had a sleepover with a friend at his "aunt's" house.  He had a blast!  She lives in a cool, older condo that has a lot of secret hideouts throughout the house.  Every kids' favorite hide-and-seek house!  While he was gone, Madie had a friend spend the night.  This was the best deal ever--traded a loud boy for a super quiet little girl...any day!

This past weekend, Madie was able to participate in a girl scout sleepover at church.  It was a lot of fun!  I stayed until movie/bed time which was close to 11:30 so I was able to take plenty of photos and join in some of the activities.  The troop that sponsored the event did a great job keeping the kids busy by having crafts, makeovers, snacks, and a fashion show.  Good times had by all!  I think I was more tired than Madie was the next day...ended up taking a super long nap and missed out on my own fun that I planned!  Oh well, next time, I guess!

Below are some highlights from the night's festivities :

Pizza Dinner

Flag ceremony.  The little ones learned how this was done.  

All dolled up for the fashion show!

Lots of cuties, all dressed up!

Settling down for the night.  Madie said she crashed midway through the first movie (which would have been at about midnight!)

I miss sleepover fun with friends!  Ah, to be young again!!!!

Headband Organizer...still feelin' crafty!

I have become obsessed with making headbands for Madie.  It is probably because it is finally something simple and cute that she can do to her hair all by herself.  She likes fixing her hair, but it isn't always something we'd like to hang out with all day :0)

Since we have an overload of headbands, I wanted to come up with something that could organize all of them so they didn't end up all over the house.  I searched the internet and came across something similar to my creation below.  I tweaked it a bit, but it is basically the same look as I saw on a few etsy sites. is my headband organizer.  Super easy to make.  I actually by accident made mine upside down (stuck the fabric on the wrong direction) but it doesn't really matter which way is up!

Empty oatmeal container
Batting (I used leftover snow blanket from Christmas--super cheap right now!)
Hot glue Gun
Embellishment for top (I used large Gerber Daisy)

 Cut the batting to the size of the container and hot glue it on.

Cut the fabric to fit around the container, leaving about an inch or so to overlap top and bottom

Hot glue fabric on.  I turned the edge over and glued it over the end so that there wasn't a raw edge.  You probably wouldn't need to since I ended up covering it with ribbon.

At the top and bottom, cut slits into fabric before glueing down over container so that it will lay pretty flat.

The inside is a great place to store barrettes and rubber bands, too!

 Take the ribbon and glue it straight down the side with the seam.  I chose to cover the seam with a glued down ribbon and then leave the other side not glued down so that you could attach barrettes to the ribbon for more storage options.

I also took ribbon and covered the raw edge on the inside of the container.  Cleaned it up a bit.

 Finished product holds about 9 of my homemade headbands that are about an inch thick.  She has more, so I think I'll be making a couple more of these!

Gotta Love Crafting!
I really need to add a kiddo post soon.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Diaper Wipes Containers for a Baby Shower

One of my favorite people in the world is having a baby!  My best friend from college is having her first baby, a little girl.  I wish we lived closer so that I could be there for her.  This weekend she is having her baby shower and I am totally bummed that I can't be there.  Since I'm unable to make the long trek to her neck of the woods, I wanted to make sure I sent a fun present that I know she'll get good use of.  

Once I saw the tutorial on how to make these, I knew that I wanted to add a little special personalized touch to the package.  These Diaper Wipes containers that I saw at Sew Dang Cute Crafts are just so stinkin' cute (and easy to make), I ended up making more than I needed!  My first couple were experimental and I ended up giving them to Madie for pencil cases because the brand of container did not want to stay closed (Pampers).  I tried the Huggies wipe containers and they worked really well.  

Just wanted to share the ones that I made...I had fun making the little embellishments on top!

Little Ladybug!  This is one that wouldn't stay closed.  I ended up putting a piece of ribbon under the fabric to use as a closure (used velcro to keep shut)  I made a ribbon lady bug to add that extra something.  This one is now in my daughter's desk at school!

This was my first one..I put the trim all around on this one and it was a bit too much (especially since they didn't stay shut)  I loved the fabric though, so it reappears later.

I loved this one, too.  This was the first one I did with the Huggies container--so much better!

Cute little collection...makes me want a baby to need one of these again...well, maybe not! ha!

Loved the fabric on these and the ribbon is super cool.  The bottom container also got an embellishment, just didn't take a pic.

I love this one.  I initially tried to trim it with ribbon, but wasn't too excited by it.  So, I found this lace-like trim to attach over the ribbon and I think it was just the right touch!

Had to make another one with this fabric.  I love the little bow in the middle!

Thanks for the great idea, Sew Dang Cute Crafts!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Holidays

Christmas seemed to come and go so quickly this year!  I think that being a big sick-o-lady had something to do with it, but I still can't believe another year has come and gone.  The kids really got into Christmas this year...Jack even had a feeling he might be on the "naughty" list this year, only to be saved by a few good deeds at the last minute.  We didn't do much over break--basically playing on their new Wii was all the kids wanted to do.  So, I let them!  It was nice to take it easy and stay around the house.  Pics below show some of our highlights (I know...way overdue)  The pictures are somewhat out of order.  I was having issues...

Madie and Grandma at the Breakfast with Santa.  I just love this shot...LOVE!!!

Jack making sure that Santa knew everything on his Wish List!

Can you tell they're excited!
Cutting down our Christmas Tree.  The kids loved getting to help pick the right one and cut it down themselves (with help from daddy of course!)

First of many family Christmas parties--love getting to spend time with family :0)

The anticipation on Christmas morning!

I hope everyone had a blessed and Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!