Friday, January 28, 2011

An evening of freedom...for Jack

This morning, Jack came into my bedroom and asked if it was time for me to wake up because he had been up for awhile playing the Wii and wondered when I was coming down.  I asked with my eyes closed, since it seemed WAY too early to have to wake up, what time it was.  He peeked at my clock and said, "3:30"  I quickly said, "go back to bed!"  I heard him get back in his room and I then passed out again until my alarm went off at 5:30...

I went downstairs for the morning and saw the first evidence of Jack's night of freedom.  His fossil dig kit was all over the table...he found two fossils...

I look out to the living room and sure enough, the Wii was still on pause.

At this point, I chuckled and wondered how long he had been up, but went on with my morning rituals. 

When it was time to wake up the kids, I opened Jack's door and couldn't believe what I saw:  Jack sound asleep--completely dressed for school.

I laughed out loud...HILARIOUS!  The rule is on school mornings, get dressed before going downstairs.  He must have woken up around 2:00 sometime, got dressed and headed downstairs.

After I got Madie up and moving, I headed downstairs to get breakfast ready.  Jack then informs me that he ALREADY ATE!  Ha Ha Ha Ha!  OMG!

So, not only did he get up, get dressed, dig for fossils, play some Wii...he also fixed himself some breakfast.  This kid is crazy!  I guess I now know he can fend for himself (not that I'm ready for that, but just good to know!)


So, needless to say, tonight we have put in place the check in with mommy/daddy rule before heading downstairs.  This kid is exhausted...I hope he sleeps through tonight!  

I should have known it was only time...he was the kid with a bed tent to keep him in his crib (since he liked climbing out of his crib and heading downstairs to help himself to food when he was just two!)

and the gray hairs keep growing...

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