Monday, January 24, 2011

Headband Organizer...still feelin' crafty!

I have become obsessed with making headbands for Madie.  It is probably because it is finally something simple and cute that she can do to her hair all by herself.  She likes fixing her hair, but it isn't always something we'd like to hang out with all day :0)

Since we have an overload of headbands, I wanted to come up with something that could organize all of them so they didn't end up all over the house.  I searched the internet and came across something similar to my creation below.  I tweaked it a bit, but it is basically the same look as I saw on a few etsy sites. is my headband organizer.  Super easy to make.  I actually by accident made mine upside down (stuck the fabric on the wrong direction) but it doesn't really matter which way is up!

Empty oatmeal container
Batting (I used leftover snow blanket from Christmas--super cheap right now!)
Hot glue Gun
Embellishment for top (I used large Gerber Daisy)

 Cut the batting to the size of the container and hot glue it on.

Cut the fabric to fit around the container, leaving about an inch or so to overlap top and bottom

Hot glue fabric on.  I turned the edge over and glued it over the end so that there wasn't a raw edge.  You probably wouldn't need to since I ended up covering it with ribbon.

At the top and bottom, cut slits into fabric before glueing down over container so that it will lay pretty flat.

The inside is a great place to store barrettes and rubber bands, too!

 Take the ribbon and glue it straight down the side with the seam.  I chose to cover the seam with a glued down ribbon and then leave the other side not glued down so that you could attach barrettes to the ribbon for more storage options.

I also took ribbon and covered the raw edge on the inside of the container.  Cleaned it up a bit.

 Finished product holds about 9 of my homemade headbands that are about an inch thick.  She has more, so I think I'll be making a couple more of these!

Gotta Love Crafting!
I really need to add a kiddo post soon.  


Anonymous said...

Amy, I love this idea! I too make headbands for Hannah, which end up all over the if Brian can just eat up all the oatmeal....I will have to fashion one of these myself. Thanks for the post!
~Barb Noe Crites

Amy said...

It was super easy and I think it turned out really cute. No one eats that much oatmeal here either...I just bought a generic one on sale for less that $2 and put the oatmeal in a baggie. I figure I can use it in a recipe sometime... I'd love to see your finished product if you do one!