Monday, January 24, 2011

Sleepover Fun!

The kids are now full swing into the fun of sleepovers.  Of course, Jack feels a bit slighted that he hasn't had as many as Madie, but as long as he's occupied he is OK.  Last weekend, Jack had a sleepover with a friend at his "aunt's" house.  He had a blast!  She lives in a cool, older condo that has a lot of secret hideouts throughout the house.  Every kids' favorite hide-and-seek house!  While he was gone, Madie had a friend spend the night.  This was the best deal ever--traded a loud boy for a super quiet little girl...any day!

This past weekend, Madie was able to participate in a girl scout sleepover at church.  It was a lot of fun!  I stayed until movie/bed time which was close to 11:30 so I was able to take plenty of photos and join in some of the activities.  The troop that sponsored the event did a great job keeping the kids busy by having crafts, makeovers, snacks, and a fashion show.  Good times had by all!  I think I was more tired than Madie was the next day...ended up taking a super long nap and missed out on my own fun that I planned!  Oh well, next time, I guess!

Below are some highlights from the night's festivities :

Pizza Dinner

Flag ceremony.  The little ones learned how this was done.  

All dolled up for the fashion show!

Lots of cuties, all dressed up!

Settling down for the night.  Madie said she crashed midway through the first movie (which would have been at about midnight!)

I miss sleepover fun with friends!  Ah, to be young again!!!!

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