Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Table Setting

The kids and I had fun decorating the table this year.  I searched around and found this adorable idea at Sweet and Simple Things.  We decided to make one, but I couldn't find the right size vase so we improvised and came up with this:

I cut skewers in half and poked them in the holes in the eggs to get them to stand out.  They are then stuck in the jelly beans to stay up!

Jelly Beans are on the bottom, Bunny Peeps around the middle and then Easter grass on top.  I planned on getting fresh flowers today to stick up through the top, but I decided to add the eggs and I kind of like how it all turned out-what do you think?
This is without the eggs--just felt like it needed something else...and not a Madie popping out the top!  :0)

Next, the kids wanted to make place cards for each person to place by their seat.  About a month ago, I found these cute little buckets at Target.  They were wrapped up in groups of 24 for only $5!  I grabbed all they had.  It looked like an online order that someone returned. Bonus for me!

I wrote everyone's names on the buckets with paint pens and then M & J placed Easter grass and Peeps in them to continue with the theme.  The ones with a lot of grass are the ones Jack did...he liked that part!

Now we are ready for Easter dinner!  Bring on the BBQ ribs!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flower Headbands

My daughter is in headband overload, but I really enjoy making them.  So, I have been trying out different flower techniques lately to make something a little different.  I just made seven new ones tonight to give out as presents to my friends' daughters.  I hope they like them.  There are tons of tutorials out there on how to make them, but if you need any advice, I'd be glad to help!

This satin headband is basically a bunch of circles, edges burned to prevent fraying, folded in fourths and glued onto a piece of felt.  I've seen a lot of these made with felt.  I attached it to a metal headband.  This one is red.

I had an extra black satin headband that I matched with a bright blue and black satin flower.

Yellow satin flower on a metal headband.

Pale pink rosettes out of fabric, attached to a stretchy headband.

Baby blue rosette on a stretchy band

Hot pink flower on a metal band

Chambray rosette with a mini red rosette on a stretchy band.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Schoolwide Easter Egg Hunt--RAOK

At the beginning of the school year, the school where I teach was fortunate enough to have Rachel's Challenge come and speak to our students.  This was set up in honor of Rachel Scott, one of the students that was killed in Columbine.  Throughout the year, we have been looking at ways to continue a pay it forward mentality and to basically be nice to everyone.

About a month ago, one of my friends at school came to me with an awesome idea that I knew I wanted to help with.  My friend, Mandie, wanted to hide Easter eggs around our school building with little notes of kindness and possible suggestions on how to pay it forward -- random acts of kindness.

So, we started a Google Docs document and shared it between us in order to jot down possible little RAOKs that could be placed in the eggs.

I also emailed my friend, Michelle, who is super creative to see if she had any suggestions for us.  She loved the idea and quickly came up with a really sweet poem that could also be put into the eggs.

Here are some eggs with the little poem and in bold face is the RAOK suggestion.
So, after a few weeks of organizing, Mandie visited the dollar store and loaded up with plastic eggs and candy.  She put together 90 eggs (30 for each grade level in our building) and brought them in early the next day to hide around the school.

She enlisted me to be her helper bunny and together we went through hallways and classrooms hiding these eggs before the students arrived.  The teachers were great to allow us to hide them in their room.  Many asked if we would have announcements about them.  We figured that if students found eggs--they'd pick them up and open them.  That's exactly what happened-no directions needed!

We hid them everywhere!  This is behind a drawing in the back of my classroom.
Students walked/ran around the building before classes started looking for eggs.  They loved the cute message and especially the sweet treat found inside.
We hid them high and low!
It was cool to see some of the kids find theirs and look as though they found a true treasure.  I'm not exactly sure how many RAOK were continued, but I'm sure there were more carried out than what would have been on a normal day.
Some were in plain sight...others not so much!

This was a lot of fun--great idea, Mandie!!  My mom is already planning on doing something like this for her grandchildren's classrooms next year.  I'd love to hear how you might use the same concept for you!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bag Book Report

Jack came home last Friday with a book report assignment.  They started doing book reports about a month or so ago, but mostly it was only writing a few sentences.  This time, they were to decorate a bag to represent their favorite book.

Jack has a ton of books to pick from...what does he select?

It's April and he picks a Christmas book.  of course.  AND it involves aliens and UNDERPANTS.  

Here he is coloring in the underpants for the aliens to deliver for Christmas.
For awhile, he collected underpants.  Totally weird, I know.  He wanted them anytime he received a reward.  I bet the kid had 50 pair size 4 underpants... that's another story...

Anyway, he picked the book, so I had to help him decorate a bag.  He did all of the art stuff (coloring, glueing, designing, ...) while I "guided" him along the way.  There were times when it would have been easier to just do it...but I think the end result shows that my little Bubba can do a great job when he does a little bit at a time and has guidance :0)  All at once would have definitely NOT worked.  

I think I need to go back to kindergarten, so I can do my own cool project. mmmm...maybe not ;0)

Here are some shots of the final project:
An alien in underpants.  He's made from an Easter egg.    Jack loved adding more and more eyes!

Jack using his mad cutting skills!

Aliens hanging from a chimney with underpants in their hands.  He wanted the stars to show off that it was night time. I cut up a sponge to let him stamp on the bricks for the chimney.  He especially liked that part.

The underpants closest to the alien cracked me up.  As he was coloring it in, he said it was the cross and Jesus had been on it.  I thought it was a bit involved for underwear...but I guess it's on his mind since he goes to a Catholic school and it's Easter time ;0)

Santa Claus peeking his head out at the aliens' spaceship--he colored a paper plate and then I let him use my Martha Stewart glitters (he never gets to, so he was super excited)  I also love my Martha glue pens--they let him make great lines really neatly to add the glitter on his spaceship.