Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bag Book Report

Jack came home last Friday with a book report assignment.  They started doing book reports about a month or so ago, but mostly it was only writing a few sentences.  This time, they were to decorate a bag to represent their favorite book.

Jack has a ton of books to pick from...what does he select?

It's April and he picks a Christmas book.  of course.  AND it involves aliens and UNDERPANTS.  

Here he is coloring in the underpants for the aliens to deliver for Christmas.
For awhile, he collected underpants.  Totally weird, I know.  He wanted them anytime he received a reward.  I bet the kid had 50 pair size 4 underpants... that's another story...

Anyway, he picked the book, so I had to help him decorate a bag.  He did all of the art stuff (coloring, glueing, designing, ...) while I "guided" him along the way.  There were times when it would have been easier to just do it...but I think the end result shows that my little Bubba can do a great job when he does a little bit at a time and has guidance :0)  All at once would have definitely NOT worked.  

I think I need to go back to kindergarten, so I can do my own cool project. mmmm...maybe not ;0)

Here are some shots of the final project:
An alien in underpants.  He's made from an Easter egg.    Jack loved adding more and more eyes!

Jack using his mad cutting skills!

Aliens hanging from a chimney with underpants in their hands.  He wanted the stars to show off that it was night time. I cut up a sponge to let him stamp on the bricks for the chimney.  He especially liked that part.

The underpants closest to the alien cracked me up.  As he was coloring it in, he said it was the cross and Jesus had been on it.  I thought it was a bit involved for underwear...but I guess it's on his mind since he goes to a Catholic school and it's Easter time ;0)

Santa Claus peeking his head out at the aliens' spaceship--he colored a paper plate and then I let him use my Martha Stewart glitters (he never gets to, so he was super excited)  I also love my Martha glue pens--they let him make great lines really neatly to add the glitter on his spaceship.

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Bonnie said...

Great job Jack!Now I want to read that book too!