Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Table Setting

The kids and I had fun decorating the table this year.  I searched around and found this adorable idea at Sweet and Simple Things.  We decided to make one, but I couldn't find the right size vase so we improvised and came up with this:

I cut skewers in half and poked them in the holes in the eggs to get them to stand out.  They are then stuck in the jelly beans to stay up!

Jelly Beans are on the bottom, Bunny Peeps around the middle and then Easter grass on top.  I planned on getting fresh flowers today to stick up through the top, but I decided to add the eggs and I kind of like how it all turned out-what do you think?
This is without the eggs--just felt like it needed something else...and not a Madie popping out the top!  :0)

Next, the kids wanted to make place cards for each person to place by their seat.  About a month ago, I found these cute little buckets at Target.  They were wrapped up in groups of 24 for only $5!  I grabbed all they had.  It looked like an online order that someone returned. Bonus for me!

I wrote everyone's names on the buckets with paint pens and then M & J placed Easter grass and Peeps in them to continue with the theme.  The ones with a lot of grass are the ones Jack did...he liked that part!

Now we are ready for Easter dinner!  Bring on the BBQ ribs!

Happy Easter!


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SweetandSimpleThings said...

I love the way your Easter Centerpiece turned out! And the place card buckets are adorable! BBQ ribs sounds yummy!

Amy said...

Thank you!!