Monday, April 18, 2011

Schoolwide Easter Egg Hunt--RAOK

At the beginning of the school year, the school where I teach was fortunate enough to have Rachel's Challenge come and speak to our students.  This was set up in honor of Rachel Scott, one of the students that was killed in Columbine.  Throughout the year, we have been looking at ways to continue a pay it forward mentality and to basically be nice to everyone.

About a month ago, one of my friends at school came to me with an awesome idea that I knew I wanted to help with.  My friend, Mandie, wanted to hide Easter eggs around our school building with little notes of kindness and possible suggestions on how to pay it forward -- random acts of kindness.

So, we started a Google Docs document and shared it between us in order to jot down possible little RAOKs that could be placed in the eggs.

I also emailed my friend, Michelle, who is super creative to see if she had any suggestions for us.  She loved the idea and quickly came up with a really sweet poem that could also be put into the eggs.

Here are some eggs with the little poem and in bold face is the RAOK suggestion.
So, after a few weeks of organizing, Mandie visited the dollar store and loaded up with plastic eggs and candy.  She put together 90 eggs (30 for each grade level in our building) and brought them in early the next day to hide around the school.

She enlisted me to be her helper bunny and together we went through hallways and classrooms hiding these eggs before the students arrived.  The teachers were great to allow us to hide them in their room.  Many asked if we would have announcements about them.  We figured that if students found eggs--they'd pick them up and open them.  That's exactly what happened-no directions needed!

We hid them everywhere!  This is behind a drawing in the back of my classroom.
Students walked/ran around the building before classes started looking for eggs.  They loved the cute message and especially the sweet treat found inside.
We hid them high and low!
It was cool to see some of the kids find theirs and look as though they found a true treasure.  I'm not exactly sure how many RAOK were continued, but I'm sure there were more carried out than what would have been on a normal day.
Some were in plain sight...others not so much!

This was a lot of fun--great idea, Mandie!!  My mom is already planning on doing something like this for her grandchildren's classrooms next year.  I'd love to hear how you might use the same concept for you!


Michelle said...

Absolutely LOVE it Amy! Great idea!

TisforTonya said...

I LOVE this... I think I might just have to do it at home with my own kids!

Amy said...

Thanks! It's fun to do activities like this with middle-schoolers. You never know how they may react, but from their faces alone, they had a blast! said...

That's fantastic! I love that age, they're so willing to do something fun and helpful. Michelle emailed me about this and I would love to link to it! I'm always looking for creative activities to do with older kids.

Amy said...

Thanks, Rachel! That would be great. I feel honored to have you link to it!

The Curly Red Head's Doing This said...

This would be fun to do around your neighborhood or at a local strip mall... just leave these randomly around various stores and in the parking lot... I wish I'd seen this sooner but I'll have to do this next year for sure! Great idea - blessings to you for this!!

Jul said...

Do you have a copy of the google docs you can share? I'd love to do this with my school as well.
Thank you!

Amy said...

Here's a link to the ones that I just made for an elementary class. I'll have to look for the list from the middle school if you needed that one.