Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Present

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  As a teacher, it's nice to feel appreciated by others.  As I've been reading through the blogs I enjoy most, I have absolutely loved some of the gifts that people have made to give to their child's teacher.  This one especially from Eighteen25 caught my eye and I decided to make something similar for my kid's teachers (they have 8 between them!)
Yesterday, M & J had a day off for a teacher in-service. I decided to take a half a personal day to join them.  This was the perfect time to work on our gifts for their teachers.

I had purchased the little boxes at Walmart for $2 in the jewelry section.  I like the boxes from Eighteen25, but I couldn't find ones just like it.  These worked just fine.

The night before I cut out two pieces of paper for each box.  The one for the top, I cut a little smaller than the size of the box so that I could glue ribbon around the edges.  Then I cut one for the inside of the top of the box to cover up what was on top.

I decoupaged the paper to the box and let it dry over night.

The kids helped out the next day by placing fun teacher necessities into the compartments.  We used:  thumbtacks, erasers, safety pins, binder clips (three sizes), Hershey kisses, mints, Werther carmels, rubber bands, paper clips.  They did really well counting and sorting. 

I had fun decorating the tops with ribbon, buttons, rosettes, and other trinkets that I made.  Madie was great helping me pick out ribbon to match the paper.  I used a hot glue gun, so I had to do the final apply to the box. 

Here are the boxes we made:

This is for Jack's teacher.  I love the look of the ric rack.  The little bows on the corners I made with ruler ribbon.  I ended up hot gluing them together instead of sewing...I got a bit lazy!

The Polka Dot box is for their PE teacher

For the Music teacher. The corners have three buttons stacked up for extra detail.

This one is for the art teacher.  Madie thought since it said "art" on the side it would be perfect for her.

Madie picked this one for her teacher.  I sewed the little flowers from the matching ribbon.  Love the bright colors!

This one is for the computer teacher--found paper that had little computer icons that was perfect.  I used navy ribbon all around the box and then used the pink to accent the top and bottom.  Green buttons are on the corner.

Madie picked this one for the Spanish teacher--apparently she loves black and pink!.  I made the little rosettes using a package of trim--it's perfect size to make these little flowers.

This is for Jack's speech teacher.  I used the thicker flower ribbon first and then put the dark green ribbon to frame the paper. 

Inside--all filled up with goodies!