Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm a horrible blogger!

OK--I really need to get back to writing on this blog.  It is definitely therapeutic and I need something to help me remember all of the sweet moments of my two munchkins.  So, no better time to get back to this than the present...

Summer has started and we can finally breathe :0)  We've already had some great time at the lake, putt putt with friends, cleaning the house days and more.  I see this to be a good summer since the kids are at a great age to do most anything.  We hope to continue some fun adventures like last summer with some good friends--I'll do my best to keep up on my posts for that.

Just recently, we had a major loss in our family.  My husband's father passed away after a few weeks of being in the hospital after a complication due to diabetes.  It has been a process trying to do the right thing and help my children go through this time without horrible nightmares and sadness, but yet remembering all of the wonderful moments they shared with their grandpa.

I wasn't sure exactly how they would handle knowing that their grandpa was going to go to heaven.  They both had meltdowns in their own ways, but I was truly amazed at how they handled this major loss.  They both know that God must have needed grandpa.  It was his time.  They really like the idea of having a new angel that is looking over them.  They have many angels up there keeping a close eye on them!  I think they are comforted in that fact.

Jack has decided that for grandpa's birthday, we wants to send him a birthday balloon.  I love that he's already thinking of the future and not focusing on the loss.  He wants to continue to send his love to grandpa.  Love him!

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