Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jack's Bedroom Makeover

Jack has been dying to get his room redone since we started Madie's room.  He chose Super Heroes because he liked that they had wall stickers to go along with the theme.  A couple of weeks ago, Drew decided to take the kids to Kings Island.  Since I had a conference on the first day, I ended up with a couple of days by myself.  I thought that this would be the perfect time to surprise Jack with a cleaned up, big kid room.

Here are a few shots of his room.  His room is pretty small, so there wasn't much to work with.  Of course, he has bunk beds, so he was able to get two new comforters.  Spiderman and Green Lantern weren't my first choice, but that's what they had so I went with it.  What do you think?

His bed(s)  I'm in search of a small green pillow for the top bunk to even out the look.  

Awesome curtains made by Grandma--yes, she's the best Grandma ever!!!

Corner of room.  I rearranged the storage boxes and bought some colored boxes .  We're in conversation  trying to decide what to do with all of the stuffed animals.  I just like the wall of Super Heroes.

Brand new dresser (just picked it up yesterday!).  He loves the poster.  I do too, since it covers the holes in the wall I made tearing down the last wall decorations.  Yep, those are nutcrackers--he loves them and had to have them in his room.  I get to "borrow" them to decorate with during Christmas.

Last view, shows off the second curtain and his bookshelf.
I still need some hooks for hats.  They are currently hung on screws in the wall from the last hooks.
If you see any, let me know!  I'm still hunting :0)


Anonymous said...

Nice decorating. Jeff was in to the nutcrackers at that age too. He has at least 50 now. It is nice to have them for decorating the mantel at Christmas. I like the idea of the they come off easy?

Kathy Z

Amy said...

Thanks Kathy! The stickers are almost like those window clings, but they stay on better to walls. They'll peel right off when the time comes to change it all over again!