Saturday, August 6, 2011

Madie's Updated Room :0)

Last Christmas time I decided it was time to start working on Madie's room.  She had very cute little girls' room, but it was time to put away some of the princess and transition into something that she'd like to hang out in.  It started with a desk, and then we just went from there.  She wanted polka dots and peace signs, so this is what we came up with.  Let me know what you think!

Her bed, full of polka dots, and her wall covered in peace signs!

I made this wall hanging by taking a photo of Madie's hand and editing it using

1.  Turned it black and white first
2.  Then sprayed colors in the background on picnik, so her peace sign showed up really well
3.  Added the word "Peace"
4.  Enlarged the photo by 400% and printed it on my printer
5.  Purchased inexpensive clear plastic frames that are almost like a box at Michaels
6.  Since the photos were on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and the frames were 11 x 14, I put cute scrapbook paper behind the hand in the frame.
7.  Hung on the wall with just a little space between the frames

This is her side wall.  I LOVED these photos from last summer, so decided to blow them up to 11 x 14 and frame them.  First, I turned them black and white and edited some using

The peace signs and polka dots are wall stickers that I purchased at Target.  I used them above her bed too!

We are still working on this side of her room.  That is her new desk.  I need to paint and cover the seat of her chair still.  I did make the bulletin board on the wall.  I used fabric to cover half of the cork board and then used ribbon, patches and feathers to decorate it.  Fun for my girly-girl!!

Still a work in progress, but way closer to finishing than we were before!  Now, Jack is trying to come up with a theme for his room.  So far, it's between Mario Bros and Super Heroes...hmmmm... wonder what we'll come up with for him!?

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