Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Girl Scout Sit-Upons

I am now a co-leader for Madie's Brownie troop.  I think that I have the fun part...I'm going to be in charge of crafts!  I love it!  For our first meeting the girls needed make what is referred to in scouts as a "sit-upon".  I made one when I was in scouts a million years ago, so it's been a long tradition.  Basically, the girls will use a seat cushion of some sort for meetings, camping... anything where they would need to sit on the ground.

Once I found out about this task, I searched online for some ideas.  A lot of people made ones out of old table cloths and woven newspapers.  To be honest--this seemed like more work than I was up for.  The head leader suggested using the recyclable bags you buy at places like Toys R Us, and I thought it was genius.  So, I thought I'd share my how-to for those that are searching like I did!

**Recyclable bag (we used the ones from Toys R Us so that they were a uniform size and they are kind of shiny, so a little more water proof and easy to clean up than others that we found)  The girls each picked up their own and brought them to me early so that I could punch the holes in them before our first meeting.  It worked out great!

**Boon doggle (I have no idea how to spell this, basically, it is that plastic string you find at craft stores) I cut pieces about twice the width of the bag and put a loop knot at the end of each string before giving it to the girls.  Total time saver!

**Good hole puncher.  I invested in a super duper hole puncher--I LOVE it!!!  It took no time at all to punch through the many bags I had to do.

**Foam.  I used one-inch thick foam for the inside of the sit-upon.  I used coupons and purchased it at JoAnn's.  It was WAY easier than weaving newspapers.  My mom (thank you, mom!) cut the foam for us into 12 x 12 inch squares.  This fit perfectly into the bag.

**Hot glue gun/glue sticks.  At the very end, I hot glued the bottom and sides together so that it stayed all in place.

Now, for the tutorial in pictures:

One-inch thick Foam

Here is my awesome hole punch.  I didn't measure, I just went across the same line and eye-balled the spacing for the holes.

Place the foam all the way to the bottom and all the way onto one side of the bag.  This allows you to fold down the other side neatly when you are all finished.

"Boon Doggle"

This is the loop knot at the end of the piece of boon doggle.

Make sure holes are lined up.  The edges are the hardest to get through, but really, the girls did a great job sewing!.

I put the loop at the end like this...

And pulled the other side through so there was a nice knot at the end of the bag.  I didn't want to have all their hard work pull through!

Basically a whip stitch down the entire bag

End of the row, I just tied it in a knot to finished it off.  

This is how I folded down the bottom and then hot glued it so it was nice and tight,

It closed up perfectly...yes, I think it's about time for a new hot glue gun!  You can tell it is definitely Used!

I hope this was helpful.  We did it with a troop of 2nd graders.  They all needed some minor assistance, but basically they sewed the entire bag.  I hot glued them together while they had snack.  Great Fun!  Check out these happy faces!!

Personalized and easy to carry!  Love them!!!

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