Monday, September 12, 2011

Rainbow Birthday Parties!!!

Madie turned 8 this weekend.  I can't believe it!  She's growing up into one of the sweetest, kindest little people I know.  I'm so proud that she's mine.  Since she's so special, I couldn't wait to celebrate her birthday!

For her "parties" she decided she wanted a rainbow, this is what I came up with.  She had a family party and a friend party all in the same weekend.  Not sure if I'll do that again!  But, I think everyone had fun...and that's all that matters!

Loved this--so glad it was in rainbow.  Found it on the clearance table at Michaels--It's in the Duff brand of cake supplies.

This was the centerpiece at our family party.  I made rainbow cupcakes in a jar (I'll post later tips for this!)  Madie made the frame at a Daisy Scout meeting and I thought it would make a nice touch.  My nephew's 13th bday was the week before, so he got to blow out some candles too! 

This was for her friend party at the YMCA.  I didn't go too crazy with decorations, but I had to include some M & Ms--the ultimate rainbow candy!  Below are the pics of the items IN the favor bags!

Pens--I attached the feathers with floral tape first.  That left the pen sticky, so I hot glued the ribbon around the pen.  I thought they turned out pretty fun!

I found these cute containers in rainbow colors.  Madie helped me decide what to put in them. We went with a "Warm Fuzzy" feel and added rainbow stickers, hair bands, a warm fuzzy buddy.  I use paint markers to decorate the top of the containers with words like:  Peace, Fun, Smile, Warm Fuzzy, Hugs...

I also decorated headbands for each girl using rainbow/colorful ribbon.  Basically, using hot glue, I wrapped the ribbon around a clear plastic headband (I always buy the bands at Crafts 2000 for super cheap!).  I was going to put a bow, but I ran out of time.  Still fun!

For her friends, she decided she wanted Purple Cupcakes...since I was making them at night after our family party, I was OK with doing purple instead of more rainbow ;0)  The buttercream frosting made these super yummy!

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