Friday, December 2, 2011

I love my kids

Today was a big day for Jack.  His class was in charge of mass at the all-school mass this morning.  He was given a petition to read AND he was able to hold up a heart sign at the beginning of church.

He has been practicing his couple lines for about two weeks now--he had it memorized and frequently would just say it while playing a game, eating get the picture.

Before Thanksgiving, his teacher asked if I would help her by decorating the heart signs to be held up at mass.  Both kids LOVED coloring the hearts.  I had other ideas, but they were so excited to decorate them, it was worth letting them do them.  They sat on our dining room table a couple of days.  I had meant to add some glitter to glam them up again.  I kept forgetting, so when I finally remembered to do them the night before turning them in, I used our Elf on a Shelf to take the credit for it.  "Hoppy" appeared in the morning with a little bottle of glitter in the dining room high up on our curtains.  The kids LOVED that he helped out and I think the hearts turned out great.

This morning was the big day.  Madie was able to introduce mass earlier in the year, so she knew all about being up on the alter in front of everyone.  She sweetly asked Jack this morning if he had "butterflies" in his stomach?  He said, Nope!  I'm ready!  She confessed that before she did her reading he had butterflies.  He was really excited about getting to participate.  You could tell she was proud, too.

Love them--they can be so sweet!

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