Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reading Incentives

Neither of my kiddos are recreational readers.  This is very disappointing, mainly because I love to read!  This weekend, I was chatting with a friend who told me that she had tried to bribe her son with a dollar per book he read on his own.  He didn't go for it, but I thought I'd try it out over here.

Jack was stoked, Madie was going to try.  Jack is pretty much money hungry, but I didn't realize how money crazy he was until I gave him this proposal...50¢ per book that he reads on his own to me (I'm cheaper than my friend)

So, they both started strong.  Jack...a little too strong.  Last night, he read about 7 books out loud to me...didn't care what I was doing, where I was...just kept reading.  Now, he's a beginning reader, so they aren't chapter books.  But, at 30 + pages a pop, it was a long evening.

This morning, I heard him get up at about 6:15 (45 minutes earlier than I usually have to pry him out of bed).  He was dressed by 6:16 and hopped down the steps with excitement and a book in his hand.

Now, my morning ritual usually involves getting lunches made, checking email and facebook while blow drying my hair, make up...  he read to me the entire time.

The kicker...  I finally said that I needed to take a bathroom break.  That didn't stop him!  Door closed...I hear a chair being moved...then I hear loud reading outside the door.  He just moved closer to read to me while I was in the bathroom!    Hilarious!

So, he read 10 books and earned $5 already.  At this rate, I'm going to be broke soon!

Gotta LOVE his enthusiasm :0)

My cute little munchkin...I need to load a pic of him reading, til then, I love this one!

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