Friday, June 29, 2012


I had to share my latest hairband/flower bow combo. Can you see the superhero influence? I love how it turned out!!

I made this for Jack's friend that LOVEs super heros.  We plan on taking the kiddos to see the Avengers and I thought that this would be a perfect little gift to give his friend, Beverly, for the occasion.

I think I might try some of the other heros... I think Spiderman would be fun!

Whatcha think?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Disney 2012....Moments to Remember

We're Going to Disney!!

It has been years since I started saving, but the time finally came...A Trip to DISNEY WORLD!!!

Can you tell that the kiddos are excited?  This is the morning we left for Orlando.  It was truly the most magical, wonderful vacation.  I want to write about everything, or at least the stuff I remember before I forget about them.  I think this will take a few posts to get everything in, but I want to start off with some of the little things the kids said throughout the week.  I just LOVE them:

*We are seated on the plane to leave.  Jack has the window seat and is absolutely excited about his FIRST trip on an airplane.  Madie is a bit apprehensive, but reassures herself that she was on a plane when she was only a few months old.  If she could do it then, she can do it now!  As the TV screens go over what to expect while flying and all of the various "rules" needed to be followed while on the plane, Jack looks at me and quite seriously asks, "are we allowed to toot on the plane?"  LOL!  I told him that it isn't against the rules, but it isn't really something encouraged.  He said, " Good!  I don't think I could last over 2 hours!"  What a kid!

*Madie has been anti-princess for quite some time now.  She "outgrew" them way too early!  I always have told her that if we ever go to Disney, she has to pretend to like them for me.  While we were there,  she admitted that her favorite princess was Ariel.  She was absolutely thrilled to get to meet her!
Madie and her favorite princess, Ariel

*We went to the breakfast at Cinderella's castle (which was worth every single penny spent on the deluxe dining plan!)  While there, my nephew received a HUGE kiss on the cheek from Snow White.  He was hilarious about it!  A couple days later, Jack informed me "did you know, Milo's first kiss was from a Princess!"  He was so excited about it :0)

Milo's kiss from a princess!

* All over the parks are pay phones.  To be honest, it was almost funny to see them!  Both of the kids asked me what they were and had to go over and check them out.

*At Disney, they really know how to treat someone on their birthday.  We had two birthday boys with us this week, my nephew who turned four and my husband who did not turn four :0)  For your birthday, you receive a button that says Happy Birthday (Your Name)!  When you wear it, EVERYONE says HB to you.  It's kind of fun.  You also will receive some kind of cupcake or birthday treat at the restaurants for your birthday.  It is crazy awesome.  That is, unless you are a four year old that does not want anymore cupcakes or a thirty something year old that doesn't want any birthday attention.  Seriously?  I wish it had been my birthday...Bring on the cupcakes!!  I loved it, by the end of the week, Milo was like, It's not my birthday anymore!  I don't want a cupcake!  LOL!  Jack wore his dad's badge one day and was treated to some happy birthdays and cupcakes...he was as happy as can be!
See the badge?

YUMMO!  This was a fun cupcake.  Probably the best  birthday desserts were at Mama Melrose's--huge cupcake decorated like spaghetti with a meatball...or T-Rex's volcano cakes & ice cream.  All very generous!

To be continued...

Magical Memories!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New hairstyles

I have been trying out new hairdos with Madie whenever she lets me lately.  The first picture was inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest.  I did a Dutch braid, then wrapped the remaining braid around in a flower.  That one, I need to work on for sure!  The original picture did more of a pancake braid for the flower.  When I try to do that it just looks like  mess.  Oh well, I think it turned out cute anyways.

This braid was inspired by Cute Girls hairstyles.  She has a great tutorial for it on her page here.  For the first picture I tried it out with a Dutch braid.  I like the way it holds the bows in.

This was my first attempt at the bow braid.  It took forever and was a bit crazy to do at first.  It was much easier the second time I did it on the headband braid.  

What do you think?  Are these hairdos keepers?

Summer of 2012 has begun!

We had our last baseball game of the season this week.  It truly ended the school year!  I am looking forward to a fun-filled busy summer!  Hope you have one, too!

Already, we've...
*spent fun times at the lake with friends
*had flip-flips "accidentally" thrown up on top of the roof
*broken a bat
*cleaned out an old toy chest to donate
*started up dance class
*signed up for soccer, volleyball, girl scout, basketball, art, and sewing camps/classes
*had multiple water balloon fights
*taken a ton of pictures
*shopped in attempt to get organized for our trip to DISNEY in a few weeks!
*tried out a couple of new braids (the bow braid & a flower headband braid)
*played outside with the neighbor kiddos (which is really rare, since we have no kids that live next to us--thank goodness for grandparents with kids close in age!)

Hmmmm...I'm sure the list will get longer and longer, but not too bad for only three days!